F1 Azerbaijan, Verstappen: "Ferrari strong, but I only think about winning"

The world champion recognizes the competitiveness of his rivals, but confirms that he is focused on his Red Bull. He is not worried about the many negative results in Baku: “It’s just a coincidence”. And when it comes to the drivers’ salaries, he is categorical: “It would be detrimental to everyone”.

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Having passed in four races from second place in the standings with 46 points behind first with 9 ahead of rival Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen remains all the more faithful to his character, flaunting safety and concreteness, as always. And with the additional guarantees provided by a new, fresh power unit, the second available by regulation in the season, apparently without new features compared to the power unit 1 used so far. “I think Ferrari is very competitive – he said in the press conference that opened the weekend of the Azerbaijan grand prix – and it’s good for our sport. But we are focused on ourselves and I don’t really care what other people say. Our goal as in every weekend is to win the race ”.

No curse, just a case

And it was difficult to think of anything different, in fact, as Red Bull won the last four in a row, three with Max himself, and one, the last in Monte Carlo, with Checo Perez. Baku is one of only two circuits where Max has never made it to the podium. “Actually my approach is the same as all the other weekends. There have been unfortunate circumstances in the past that have not yet allowed me to get on the podium here in Baku ”. The last one last year, when he was in the lead and a puncture left him on foot. He famous the photo in which he kicks the offending tire. “An episode that does not affect me at all, because the tires are completely different from those of last season and therefore we start from scratch”.

No to the salary ceiling

Among the topics of the day also the cap on the salaries of the pilots. Solution that Verstappen rejects with no ifs and buts. “I believe that F1 is becoming very popular mainly thanks to the drivers and therefore I do not think it right that we go to intervene on their remuneration. But for the moment everything remains very vague. It would be a decision that would affect the minor categories, because sponsorship agreements often then provide for percentages to be recognized in the future in the event that the driver manages to make it to F1. With lower salaries even sponsorships to try to make a career would decrease and the career of many young drivers would become more difficult ”.

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