Boris Palu (Racing 92): "Against Bordeaux, we will be dealing with a big challenge ahead"

“Do you agree that the victory against Toulon (21-16) on the last day was doubly good for your team? There is the relief of having qualified for the final phase and also the content of the performance, especially in front, especially in the second half…
Yes, she did good. It’s true that the content, against a big team from Toulon who put a lot of intensity and aggressiveness, is interesting for us. We responded present in the forward game. But there was no choice: we had to win last Sunday. We talked about it all week: we didn’t want to be the “generation” of Racing that didn’t qualify for the first time since the comeback in 2009. The Top 6 is good but it’s the minimum.

Do you feel the team is more liberated?
A little more, of course. I find us serene in front. We must be clear: the match against Toulon, we won it on the scrum and the balls carried, which got us significant penalties. We know that against Bordeaux, we will also have to deal with a big challenge on this. Even harder I think.

“Yes, there are flights but the UBB is first of all the fight in front, the scrum, the big tackles…”

This week, UBB manager Christophe Urios said he expected Racing to defend, occupy, conquer; in short, everything that worked when you won at Chaban the last two times in the Top 14 (in December 2020, 12-17, and in February 2022, 13-16). He suggests that you will leave the conduct of the game to Bordeaux…
Our last two victories in Bordeaux were in the rain. No one wants to expose themselves, outside, when it’s raining heavily. It was not up to us to relaunch or take risks. We had remained on a very very simple game. But the UBB also relies a lot on this game. Yes, there are flights but the UBB is first of all the fight in front, the scrum, the big tackles… I hope that the “tradition” which wants us to win with them and they will win with us will continue for a few days at least (smile). This season is weird. I think we won matches that we would have lost before. But that we were more inconstant.

In the fight, the contribution of the Namibian second-line Anton Bresler, who arrived this winter as a medical joker, is not trivial…
Already, Anton, he’s a great guy. Who immediately did everything to fit in quickly, asking that the jokes be translated into French for him. He wanted to understand the little words, to speak the language. He has a great mindset. In the game, he brings harshness, discipline. He tackles hard. We need a player like that in a team. That’s why he will stay with us next season.

And her mullet hairstyle?
With Anton, we agree on everything except his haircut (laugh). No chance of me trying that one day. »

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