Blaili refuses to continue with Brest and seeks to move to a bigger club in the new season

The future of the Algerian international player, Youssef Belaili, is still unclear, after six months he spent with the French club Brest, Brest club has a clause in his contract with Youssef Belaili, allowing him to extend with the Algerian star for the next three years, but on condition that the player agree to the proposals. The material presented to him, the French newspaper “L’Equipe”, in its paper version yesterday, stated that Blaili, and contrary to what many believed, did not intend to continue with Brest, although he found what he wanted with the team at the last gasp of the past season, and according to the same source, Negotiations between Blaili and the management of the club, nicknamed “The Pirates”, quickly reached a dead end, considering that the player wants to move to a larger group during the summer Mercato, and “L’Equipe” wrote: “Blaili was clear with Brest, he is at the age of 30 and wants a greater challenge in his professional career. And this passes through moving to a bigger club before the start of the next season.” Several French reports had mentioned that Blaili is a follower from Olympique Marseille and some of the major clubs in France, with a desire to benefit from his services, and it is reported that the coach of the Greens, Jamal Belmadi, had Give advice to my play since Days ago, during which he asked him to choose his future destination intelligently, which allows him to play regularly and maintain his position with the desert warriors. Last season, Blaili played 13 matches with Brest as a starter, during which he contributed 5 goals between scoring and industry.

Blaili is the fifth best pass in the world with the Greens
On the other hand, the Algerian international player Youssef Belaili, a professional in the French club Brest, managed to surpass many world football stars, led by the French international star Kilian Mbappe, and Youssef Belaili entered history, as the fifth best player in the world at the level of decisive passes with the Algerian national team. During the 21st century, the Algerian magician achieved an average of 0.35 assists per game, to surpass a large number of international stars, most notably the French Kylian Mbappe, who finished eighth in this order with 0.31 assists in each match, and Blaili participated in 40 matches with the national team. The Algerian in various competitions, during which he made 14 goals, according to the “Pop Foot” website that specializes in numbers and statistics, and several French clubs are competing to obtain the services of Algerian international Youssef Belaili in the current summer transfer market, and the French website “Mediafoot Marseille” stated that the most prominent of these clubs is Olympique Marseille The second-placed in the league, which is participating in the Champions League, and Lens, who is seventh, and Lille, who is tenth in the French League, and the Greens star moved to Brest, France, in the winter transfers. The past in a free transfer deal after the termination of his contract with Qatar club by mutual consent, and Belaili participated in the last Algerian national team match against his Ugandan counterpart and made a distinguished performance and scored the second goal for the team and was behind the first goal, and the Algerian player achieved distinguished numbers with his club Brest, where he participated in 19 He scored 5 goals and made 2 goals.

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