Benzema, a problem for Griezmann?

For Bixente Lizarazu, the bad pass crossed in Blue by Antoine Griezmann is partly explained by the return of Karim Benzema. The 98 world champion also points to a psychological problem.

Never Antoine Griezmann had gone through such a difficult period in his career. In total breakdown of efficiency, he who has not shaken the net since last January 16 a victory in the King’s CupAtletico Madridor 21 matches without a single goal, the Mâconnais has also lost influence on the game of theFrench team. For Bixente Lizarazu, the return of Karim Benzema in Blue and his good relationship with Kylian Mbappe is one of the explanations for the poor performance of “Grizi”.

“Benzema has taken up a lot of space”

“Is his mind much more affected than you think, by his failure at Barça and by a return to Atlético which has not, for the moment, met his expectations? In the France team, another parameter was added, that of the great return of Karim Benzema, a year agoestimated the 98 world champion in his column for The Team. With his talent and his technical profile, Benzema has taken up a lot of space in the team, that of a player at the top of his game, complete, capable of passing, scoring and being at the construction of actions. Griezmann has lost space and influence. Today, it is obvious that the leaders of the attack of the Blues are Karim Benzema and Kylian Mbappé. »

“He is in a phase of “gamberge””

The former Bayern left-back raised another problem at the Colchonero, psychological this time: “The sporting reasons that I have just mentioned are the visible face of the iceberg, there are perhaps others that we do not know, which affect his mind and are further from the field. I think he is in a phase of “gamberge”, of questioning his career and his game. It’s probably temporary, but he probably needs to do some psychological work. »

“It’s a bit worn”

At a press conference on Thursday, Didier Deschamps also admitted that the 31-year-old striker was not at his best mentally. “ I know him well and he has often been more than to his advantagerecalled “DD”. It’s not his best time today. There is a part of physical, a part of mental. He had his first injury at the start of the year when he had a relapse. It is a bit worn. I know his qualities and his mind, he is not reluctant. It’s not his best period, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to question what he’s capable of doing. He is part of a collective, he is appreciated in the group, I know what he can bring to the collective. »

Replacing in Croatia on Monday evening, Antoine Griezmann is announced to start in Austria this Friday, on the occasion of the 3rd day of the League of Nations. Associated with “KB9” in attack, the former Barcelonan will inevitably be expected at the turn…

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