Bebe, Tamberi and more.  The Wembrace Games are back, the Games without barriers

On Monday at 8 pm, at the Stadio dei Marmi in Rome, eight teams made up of able-bodied and disabled people will compete in the event organized by Art4sport, the association of the Paralympic champion. Many VIPs are also on the pitch

Tamberi, Castrogiovanni, Quadarella, Vanessa Ferrari, Neri Marcorè, Paola Turci and Annalisa Minetti: all on the pitch, just to name a few. And then the music of Jovanotti who for the occasion created a special medley that will accompany the evening. Or, as Bebe Vio calls it: “My big brother Lorenzino Jovanotti”. But the Wembrace Games, the Games without Barriers, are much more. A hymn to diversity “that we embrace and do not demolish. It will be a great integration event. The power of diversity that make up a team: if you put them together you can achieve any goal”, explains the Paralympic champion. And so mark this date: Monday 13 June, Stadio dei Marmi in Rome. It starts at 8 pm, gates open from 7 pm, the form to access can be found on the social networks of Art4sport, the association of Bebe Vio and her family that organizes an event that is now a must: the Wembrace Games celebrate this year the tenth edition.


Eight teams representing eight cities: seven Italians and one foreign which will be called the Europe team. The teams are made up of able-bodied and disabled men, women, adults and children from all over Italy. Each team will then be completed by four famous characters. Ruggero, the baby’s father, one of the souls of the event radiantly says: “We have waited three years, but we are finally back. Last edition in 2019 and now the Stadio dei Marmi is ready for an evening of crazy fun. The main theme of this edition , the tenth, will be the music. The evening will be conducted by the Trio Medusa with many sportsmen and personalities from the entertainment world ready to compete in teams made up of athletes of all kinds. An event possible thanks to the help of many sponsors, friends and institutions . Because the aim is to have fun, but also to raise funds for all the activities of Art4sport “. Which means projects to develop prostheses: Bebe’s association follows, for example, 42 boys, who will almost all be present on the night of the Games without Barriers. The tenth edition of the WEmbrace Games is held under the high patronage of the European Parliament, in collaboration with the European Commission. Also this year, the event received the support of the CIP and the Coni, with the support of the respective presidents Luca Pancalli and Giovanni Malagò. And again, the event boasts the patronage of Sport and Health, of Roma Capitale and of the Italian Red Cross. There will also be the State Police with its fanfare.

Pure energy

Bebe Vio paws for the event that also sees the partnership of Corriere della Sera and Gazzetta dello Sport: “I can’t wait, the family is talking about nothing else. I’m very excited: my team is Rome, they will be with me Tamberi and Castrogiovanni. It will also be an opportunity for me and my team to make up for it, given that out of nine editions, we have only won one. We want to win! “. Then Bebe explains: “We want to help create a culture of sport and disability. Which is not a weakness but a strength. These games also proved that with the help of everyone, sportsmen, ordinary people, the 180 volunteers who will work day and night. sponsors and institutions can create people’s future. This is the power of sport “. Giovanni malagò, president of Coni adds: “We are coming! I was there on the first day of the first edition of these games. It all starts with Bebe and her wonderful family, always at the forefront when it comes to integration”. The president of the Paralympic committee Luca Pancalli explains: “In an iconic stadium like that of the Marbles, named after Pietro Mennea, we will experience an extraordinary and fun evening. Music will then be the main theme and it is a very good choice because it is made of notes. different that together create a symphony and therefore well represent the concept of inclusion. Diversity that creates value. In short, it’s crazy cool as Bebe would say.

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