Anfang, the German coach suspended because he presented a false green pass, is back on the bench

Markus Anfang was forced to resign from Werder Bremen in November after he came under investigation for presenting a fake vaccination certificate. But now he is back on the bench thanks to Dynamo Dresden

In the season that just ended, Covid-19 played a fairly important role at some point across Europe. Some matches have been postponed in the major leagues, some players, even of the highest level (such as Alphonso Davies), have stopped for a long time due to the consequences of the disease and there was even … a bench that was blown. Markus Anfang, who became manager of Werder Bremen in June 2021, was forced to resign in November after coming under investigation for presenting a fake vaccination certificate. For him, a one-year stop has come from the court of the German federation and also a fine of 20 thousand euros. But Anfang was back on track earlier than expected.

As the Bild, the technician was granted a suspended sentence and from 10 June is free to return to coaching. And the team has already found it, considering that Dynamo Dresden, the historic East German football club currently in the second division, has entrusted him with his bench until 2024. A choice that in Germany makes us turn up a bit to many but who, as sporting director Ralf Becker explained, was the daughter of an articulated reasoning. “We have thought about it a lot, also regarding aspects not only in sport. For us it was fundamental that Markus honestly admitted his mistakes and that he regretted them. Everyone is wrong, Markus took responsibility and received the right punishment”.

Therefore, it is better to erase the past and think about the future. “We are convinced that he is the right person. His professional experience is out of the question and when we worked together in Kiel he has already shown that he can lead a team in the Zweite Bundesliga and make it stay. “And Anfang can only be happy that he had another chance.” Thank Dynamo for this opportunity is a very interesting challenge. I can’t wait to work with the team and with a glorious club that has fantastic fans. “Of course, the coach must also thank the federation, which allowed him to return to work before the end of the disqualification …

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