Alain Schmitt released on appeal by the Paris Court of Appeal

“I’m relieved and I think I can see the future a little more calmly. » Alain Schmitt breathed a big sigh of relief this Friday, when leaving the small courtroom of the Paris Court of Appeal, the “2-5”. A few seconds earlier, President Anne Gailly had confirmed the judgment delivered at first instance in these terms: “The Court confirms the judgment under appeal in its criminal provisions. » Tried in November in immediate appearance for violence “on spouse with aggravating circumstances” and “in an obviously inebriated state” on his former companion Margaux Pinot, he had been acquitted by the judges of the court of Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis). Margaux Pinot (28) had not appealed. The Bobigny prosecution had formulated it the day after the release.

On the night of November 28, around 2 a.m., the police were called “for domestic violence” behind closed doors in Margaux Pinot’s apartment in Blanc-Mesnil (Seine-Saint-Denis). They had arrested Alain Schmitt in front of the building, while he was waiting for a VTC and had to take a plane a few hours later for Israel, where he was expected to take charge of the women’s national team. Throughout the procedure, the former judoka, world bronze medalist in 2013 (-81 kg), never changed his version of the facts.

Schmitt returned from Bulgaria to hear the deliberation

He always evoked a fight, during which the two former lovers bumped into the walls. “I didn’t punch or headbutt him. These traces are the places where we bumped into each other. And if it’s everywhere, it’s because we bumped into each other quite a bit”, he explained before the 17th correctional chamber of the Bobigny judicial court. Margaux Pinot claimed to have received numerous punches in the face.

“Unlike Madame Pinot, my client always had the same defence, he never said contradictory things, he was always the same in his version and the judges understood that there was no possible doubt. in this story from Mr. Schmitt’s side, moreover recalled Me Wassermann, one of these two lawyers. Unlike Madame Pinot, where there were a number of contradictions and lies. He’s relaxed, that’s normal. It was a wise decision, which was necessary. Justice has spoken once, it has spoken twice. Things are clear. »

“I’ve been waiting for this for months. I have been through a lot of very hard times. I claimed my innocence from the beginning and today I am relaxed.

This Friday, Alain Schmitt had returned from Bulgaria, where he now trains the men’s and women’s selections, to hear the deliberation. Margaux Pinot’s lawyer, Me Rachid Madid, was present. Green shirt with rolled up sleeves, small backpack, he waited feverishly for the decision of the president, used to judging cases of domestic violence. He left, smiling and a little shaking, surrounded by his two lawyers, Me Malik Behloul and Me Wassermann, therefore.

“I am very happy that justice has been served, he said. I’ve been waiting for this for months. I have been through a lot of very hard times. I claimed my innocence from the beginning and today I am relaxed. I am happy that the magistrates showed common sense and I am very happy with this decision. A lot of people got it wrong, others got mad at me, I was called a narcissistic pervert, lots of things. It’s one of the things that are hard to take because I think I’m pretty balanced. » What he hopes for now “It’s to be able to live normally”.

Me Behloul insisted on recalling that his client was “presumed innocent since the start of the legal proceedings”. He continued: “His innocence has finally been reaffirmed. He was released once. Despite this, we fell on him. He is released again today, in extremely clear, extremely precise terms. There was no reference to the benefit of the doubt. It is a confirmation of judgment. » Alain Schmitt has planned to take a few days before appearing before the press to definitively close this chapter of his life.

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