Agnelli and Juve with Save the Children: "Children must be able to dream"

Juventus relaunched the partnership by inaugurating a new Educational Hub in Turin. Chiesa: “I think there is nothing better than sport to learn the true values ​​of life”

Juventus relaunches its partnership with Save the Children (an international organization supporting children) by inaugurating a new 0-18 year old Educational Hub in Turin, near the Allianz Stadium. The structure, completely redeveloped thanks to the support of the Juventus club, also houses the Punto Luce and a Spazio Mamme, in collaboration with the Vides Main Onlus association. President Andrea Agnelli also spoke at the inauguration: “It can only be a very stimulating context, we live in a world that becomes global and this is one of the best examples that could be built for the comparison between different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. We are in an area where children have to dream, it is nice to see the outside of the stadium from here: the more you can dream big, the greater what you can achieve. It was natural for us in 2018 to choose to marry this project for this type of business. There is a place that has been renovated but we have also put down procedures for the growth of the children: in this we arrived before the institutions and UEFA ”.


Daniela Fatarella, director general of Save the Children in Italy, explains the partnership as follows: “This is a 360-degree space, which we have created thanks to funding from Juventus. Here we fight against educational poverty, we find a great human capital that only needs cultural opportunities. Here it is done with many stimuli for children, with many activities that allow them to grow not only in sports but also in their emotional knowledge. Juventus did not leave us alone even in the most delicate moment for everyone, in the middle of the pandemic: with them you feel like a team. Here we want to give opportunities and awareness to ‘catch’ the future they want ”. Various extra-curricular activities take place in the center. Federico Chiesa shows the way: “We think a lot about education at school, about scientific or literal subjects, but Sport is also fundamental. Because it is education, discipline and training. I believe there is nothing better than Sport to learn the true values ​​of life ”.

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