Acrobatics, artistic gymnastics and dance: try cheerleading, the unisex sport

Tired of the usual training? You need new stimuli to shape your body and have fun. Here is our proposal for the summer

If you are ready to experience something other than the usual patterns, try the Cheerleading. Forbidden to turn up your nose: the workouts of a team cheer they are challenging. And if your view of things includes only skirts and pom poms, it is wrong. The image is not only the one proposed in Grease – the 1978 musical that marked an entire generation with the unforgettable scene, starring Danny-John Travolta and Sandy-Olivia Newton John in all their glory.

Be a cheerleader

In the States it represents a status symbol. Many famous people have been: Cameron Diaz, Megan Fox, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Blake Lively, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, just to name a few.

Before arriving to the stunts, the launches, the many figures, there are hours and hours of hard training behind him. At least three a week. Each lesson is well articulated: we start with a total stretching to warm up the muscles, from the neck to the ankles. It continues with a hard work of muscle strengthening; specific exercises for arms, abdomen, buttocks, legs. It continues with dances and choreographies. You sweat, your muscles tone up, harmony is acquired, team spirit is created. Because the group is fundamental. We need harmony, synergy, respect. Where to try? Big cities have excellent schools, alternatively look for addresses on FICEC, Italian Cheerleading and Cheersport Federation.

When cheerleaders were male

Many men practiced cheerleading and still practice it: training with this discipline does not question “machismo”. A few names of the list? Franklin Roosvelt, George Bush and George W. Bush, Ronald Regan. Young sportsmen, healthy, of prestige who symbolized some key values ​​of American culture.

Cheerleading and musicals

Cheerleading is also great in musicals this summer. The post-pandemic reopening has brought people back to the gym and … to the theater. Six professional cheerleaders from the Black Ops group are in the show Bring it on of the BSMT Summer Musical Festival, the Bologna Open Air Theater, which is staged this weekend. The six cheerleaders will give life, together with the boys of the Academy, to beautiful performances with jumps and acrobatic holds. An original way of knowing this discipline that not only defines the muscles, but also helps a good mood and breath.

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