Turkish turn for Rome, Akgun and Celik.  Race, goals and assists for Mourinho

Economic agreement found for the two national teams, now it is with the clubs. The tip of the Adana is a talent, the outside of the Lilla is a guarantee

This is a story of capital. Rome, Istanbul and Bursa. A story that football, with the unpredictable trajectories of which it is capable, could be able to sew into a single ending. The final landing is for us, Roma, who are looking for two players to strengthen the right wing. The flattery, on the other hand, comes precisely for two footballers who were born in the same country, Turkey, and in the districts of two cities that, at different times, were capitals: Istanbul and Bursa, which gave the scepter in the fifteenth century precisely to what has become one of the most famous metropolises in the world, the former Constantinople.

So now striker Yunus Akgun and defender Zeki Celik are just waiting for the right call to leave Adana Demirspor and Lilla respectively without regrets.

if mou calls …

Let’s start with Akgun, 21, owned by Galatasaray, but who played under Vincenzo Montella last season. The evaluation of the Aeroplanino is worth a degree and, as you can read on another page, the thought could soon transfer it to the phone to José Mourinho himself, who took an interest in the player. The numbers show how the boy scored 9 goals and provided 17 assists last season. He’s eye-catching stuff when you think about what he could do paired with Abraham. Obviously, however, it will be necessary to close the deal with Galatasaray, which holds the card until 2024 and with which the striker has won a championship, a Cup and a Turkish Super Cup. The value seems to be around 7.5 million, but the payment formulas can be the most diverse, starting with any loans that can then turn into assignments upon the occurrence of certain conditions. One thing is certain: Akgun has important qualities and in certain movements, also thanks to “the teacher” he had this season, he remembers Montella himself. It is no coincidence that the 21-year-old has already entered the circle of his own national team.

agreement found

Due to an older age, 25, who has been playing with Turkey for some time is Celik. The right-back had already entered Roma’s sights last summer, but the intersection between request and offer had not found a meeting point. A year ago, then, it was still hoped that Reynolds could support the role of deputy Karsdorp, while the first months of the season immediately made it clear that Mourinho could not count on him. So now finding an alternative for the Dutchman has become a priority and for this reason we are back on the trail of the Turkish defender, whose contract with Lille – where he won a championship and a French Super Cup – will expire in 2023. Beat the competition of Fiorentina, who had been following the same track for some time, Roma has already reached an agreement with the full-back on the basis of two million per season. However, Lila remains to be convinced, asking for nine million, while the Giallorossi club offers six.

For now, the Capitoline proposal to include Veretout in the negotiation has been rejected – a player who also enjoys a lot of esteem in the French championship – it is likely that the meeting point could be 7.5 million. Just enough for Mourinho to have a Turkish-inspired right wing that offers all possible guarantees, given that both players seem to have quality and personality to sell. What it takes to make people forget the ups and downs in performances that the recent appearances of Under, Uçan and Cetin had given to the Roma fans. But the passing of time can erase almost everything.

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