The rant of Menes

Accused of sexual assault, Pierre Ménès reacted to the postponement of his trial, postponed to March 2023, when he hoped to prove his innocence and put these cases behind him.

The arguments of the lawyers of Pierre Ménès were not enough to convince the president of the 24e correctional chamber before which the former columnist of the Canal Football Club was to appear, accused of three alleged sexual assaults. While the journalist’s advice militated for a continuation of the trial, the judge ordered the postponement of the trial to March 8, 2023. The fault of the sixty minutes scheduled in his agenda to examine the facts.

It’s terrible to play with people’s lives

Questioned in the columns of Parisian, Pierre Ménès accuses the blow. It makes ” necessarily bad, he asserted. “It’s been six months that the suspicion is on me. And six months that I am silent, he continued. And there, I resume for a year. Meanwhile, slander and lies may continue to spread, on social media and elsewhere. Professionally, it hurts me, because my image is tarnished. What is unfortunate is that the court did not take this into account. A friend who was supposed to testify on my behalf came from Geneva for nothing today. My lawyer had an abscess in her eye, she came anyway… It’s terrible to play with people’s lives like that.»

It’s a pure invention

Accused by a hostess of the Parc des Princes of having caressed her with her hand “from her chest to her stomach”, Pierre Ménès also denied his accusations. “I never approached this woman, near or far. It’s a pure invention. Moreover, I note that when she recounts the facts, she says that she was pushed around and touched. And when she turned around, she saw me. I’m sorry, but to sneak between a woman and the wall, given my size, it’s impossible, he launched. And then she says that I touched her from behind, when in fact, she says that I touched her from the front… Nothing is coherent. And above all, the testimony of the hostess who was with her invalidates her accusations. She destroys me, but she does not press charges. She does not appear in court. What is she looking for? Or who manipulates it? »

You still have to be the king of the obsessed

Frankly, with everything that fell on me, with the Canal + affair, to go fiddle with a girl’s breast in the second half of a match — there were a few people at that time- there who came back in the gallery — you still have to be the king of the irresponsible or the king of the obsessed. But I understand public opinion, with the accumulation of things… It makes me an ideal culprit”, he continued, adding further: “If I had really touched the breast of this hostess at the Parc des Princes, yes I would understand that she was disturbed. But I did not do it. »

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