The Celtics defend the Garden after a horrific finish by the Warriors

If there is something that defines the Boston Celtics, it is their ‘sacred square’. The TD Garden, home of myths and legends. And their defense was mandatory if they wanted to have options to win the NBA ring due to the size and quality of their rival. They complied, with note. After a high-level match from the start, added to a disastrous finish by the Warriors who did not exceed eleven points in the final quarter. The 16 of the first join another end to forget. And the Celtics rule in the final (116-100).

Those of Udoka fulfilled what was asked of them. To accompany their stars, be intense in defense and be able to stop the inspiration attacks of the Warriors. Mission accepted and accomplished by an admirable team that has one of its best weapons in the Garden. She does not play the park, but she motivates, sinks dynamics and if she joins a festival of the Warriors’ failure, they lead to such outcomes. It is no longer that the final is alive, it is that the Celtics do not stop hitting the jaw of some misguided Warriors every two for three.

The Celtics come out fired

And it’s the Garden and it’s the Celtics. Almost swayed by their audience and need, the ‘proud greens’ sped up from the start. They didn’t care about Tatum’s shoulder damage, puws looked for Curry’s defensive weakness, Golden State’s misses from the outside, and killed with a Jaylen Brown throw. Dominating in any pairing and coming to double the score very soon (18-9).

They will not stay there and the Warriors will not enter the game. Curry was charged with two fouls and the Celtics attacked that weakness. They generated superiority that manifested itself in simple baskets. And more with Horford, superior in the paint. A 15 up (26-11) gave a clear message to the local side. There was a duel because the Warriors reacted, to a certain extent, with a triple by Klay Thompson and the first failures of the Celtics to leave the 11th up in the first quarter.

The ballot for the Warriors was more than complicated. But they decided to go out answering, with a Klay Thompson who chained 12 points in a row and managed to make the difference around ten down. Boston didn’t back down, and kept its elite defense to do damage. More with a Jayson Tatum in a state of grace, scoring two triples defended (56-39). The ‘0’ fulfills what the Celtics needed: activate their two stars.

That will generate a dead time and, things of fate, another script twist. The Warriors had to hold on… And boy did they do it, going 0-8 with Curry in a state of grace. There was a third game. Although the Celtics were not disconnected, with Jaylen Brown in a continuous state of grace thanks to his effectiveness. Boston sent to rest, with little prize since they were left with an explosion ‘dub’ (68-56).

The Celtics resurface with a note

Said and done. It was a difficult terrain for the Celtics, who fell into repeated errors during the third quarters of the Finals. A territory for the best Warriors, who connected with a wonderful Stephen Curry. From outside, turning the score around and putting, for the first time, Kerr’s men ahead with four minutes to go. With a style that had already been key in the second game. High blocks and the Celtics seemed to float the shooter. Of course, the one who ‘shoots’ is Curry. And the ’30’ is the best ever in that art. A theatrical coup was still possible.

Or not, because the Celtics would respond, with a Tatum more inspired than Jaylen Brown. Adding in contact, and directing a green revival motivated by some accelerated Warriors and little effectiveness under the basket. There, Robert Williams was at ease, an insider who plays with ‘half a leg’ and who nobody knows very well how he will be when the NBA final ends. In conclusion, 93-89, he had left in the last quarter.

But the last quarter requires accuracy and intonation in all facets of the game. That fact that in the first game was a ‘stick’ for the Warriors was going to repeat medicine. Because those from the Bay did not manage to score more than 11 points. for the failures in the selection, Curry, Klay Thompson or Wiggins. For a lousy attitude on the defensive rebound and for a Jayson Tatum who directed like a charm. In contact, entering and from outside. He scored and opened a gap to more than 10 points.

He was not left alone and Smart also joined to widen differences. Summary, the three of the ‘magic clover’, Brown, Tatum and Smart, above 20 points. The first time since the 80’s and a 116-100 on the scoreboard. The Celtics defended the Garden with note. It goes in his blood.

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