That the Curry thing is nothing...

Lace ring aspirations Golden State Warriors begin to hang by a thread. It sounds dramatic, but it is realistic to say that Stephen Curry’s health is the San Francisco Bay Area team’s main concern.. I came out of the third match of the finals touched and if the player trained at Davidson University has something serious, his team will lose a lot, if not everything. Because without Curry they don’t start and they don’t have arguments to beat the continued choral exercise of the Boston Celtics.

The wonderful third quarter of ’30’ allowed the Warriors to dream in the Garden. Although they didn’t go very far, since their last quarter repeated the same feeling as the first game: you can’t win that way.. 11 points is not a positive number for a team that wants to be champion. And less with some Celtics in a state of wonderful form.

It’s not the first time….

16 points in the first game. 11 in the third. They are ‘shame data’ that hit the Golden State Warriors after reaching a pivotal moment in the NBA Finals. Anticompetitive results. So much so that the clash in the Garden is the second with the fewest points in its history in the Playoffs. The other was nine in the year 1950. They played in Philadelphia.

Top 5 NBA: What did Stephen Curry do to end up like this?

It is the fourth time since 2015 that the Warriors are down 2-1 in a playoff series. Three (one final against the Cavs (2015)) and one loss, although the last one may be the most significant since it happened in his last foray into the NBA finals. The Toronto Raptors took the championship.

The ‘magic clover’ is worth a ring

That the disaster of the Warriors does not cover the exhibition of the Boston Celtics. That’s another reality of ‘Game 3’ of the NBA Finals. Yes, the Californian team was out of the question after a disastrous finish, but the Celtics were largely to blame. Defending like the angels, capturing every loose ball -in both hoops- and having a ‘Magic Tree’ that made his best performance.

Because no one since the 1984 final scored with three of their players more than 20 points and at least five rebounds and five assists. On that occasion they were the Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson and Cooper Lakers. Now, Brown, Smart and Tatum take a historic step. Indefensible, spectacular in the distribution of the ball and throwing some Celtics to defend the TD Garden.

Robert Williams plays with ‘half’ a leg!

And it’s not just their big names. The Boston Celtics also have secondaries at a spectacular level of play. In the first match it was White and Pritchard’s turn, in their second match won it was the turn of a Robert Williams who is as fundamental as he is useful. Fundamental, for its defensive intensity. Useful, because it provides solutions and is a defensive system in itself.

And that he plays half lame. It should be remembered that strength because he has a meniscus tear since March and his limp is noticeable from the moment he jumps on the track. Even so, fight and comply with note at all times. ‘Time Lord’ has become a star and wants to visit his nearest jewelry store.

Should the Warriors fear for Curry?

The great question. Curry’s state of health after that loose rebound left in a fight. He came out in pain and his game changed for the worse. He was not intoned and he was touched. Very hard for the ’30’, who is by far the best player in the NBA finals. Because he changes them in any way in a few movesand his third quarter was one of his best performances.

Stephen Curry. ready to take over the garden tonight

If Curry is okay, the Warriors will breathe. “We played like sh*t,” Draymond Green said at the end of the Garden game. Well, if he wants to get some air again, they need Curry and apply the story. Press from the start and be in tune. Or the Garden will become an impassable wall.

Steph Curry: “It hurts a little, but be ready for Friday”

Steph Curry said he will be “ready” to play the fourth game of the NBA Finals this Friday, after suffering a painful sprain in his foot in the third game of the series.

“I’m going to be fine. It hurts a little, but I’ll be ready for Friday. It’s the same thing that happened to me against Boston in the regular season, I hope it’s not so serious. It looks like a sprain in my (left) foot. Take advantage of the next 48 hours to be ready,” Curry said at the news conference.

Curry, in statements published by the EFE agency, assured that he had not yet seen the play again and that for that reason he cannot say if the clash “could be avoided.”

“In those situations all you want is to get your foot out of there. But it’s not as serious as it might seem,” he concluded.


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