Sports against cellulite: which are the most effective

The advice of Dr. Francesca Beretta, personal trainer and nutritionist biologist

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Sport against the cellulite? Yes, but not all of them have the same effect. If it is true that the cellulite it is formed due to poor blood circulation, and therefore to poor vascularization followed by poor tissue oxygenation, movement is certainly good for reactivating circulation. “Not only that: the medium-term metabolic changes in physical activity they burn fat subcutaneous responsible for the accumulation of cellulite. For this reason, the more physical activity we do, the less cellulite we have ”, confirms a Official Active Dr. Francesca Beretta, nutritionist biologist and personal trainer.

The most effective sports against cellulite

But one sport the other is not valid, if the goal is to counteract the stagnation of liquids and cellulite. “The ideal physical activity for this problem is ad medium-low intensity for a prolonged time, because it allows you to mostly use adipose tissue as the main energy source “, suggests Dr. Beretta, who advises against” activities that are too intense and impacting, since they could favor the formation of toxins harmful to the adipose microcirculation, leading to the formation of lactic acid “. So let’s see specifically which are the most suitable sports to combat cellulite: “Surely fast walking, Nordic walking, swimming or water fitness, the stationary bike”.

Water sports against cellulite: not just swimming

In particular i benefits of water sports They are different. “First of all, water training is more intense but much less traumatic for the joints, since the force of gravity in water it is considerably reduced compared to that in the open air. This makes water fitness a perfect physical activity even for those in overweight or obese, pregnant or aging, but also for those who have suffered injuries “. As regards specifically i benefits against cellulite, Dr. Beretta recalls that “doing water sports favors circulation because it stimulates microcirculation, capillarization and venous return in the lower limbs. It also allows the muscles to work aerobically more effectively than working on the ground ”. Among the water activities recommended by the nutritionist and personal trainer is thewater aerobics, “The most widespread physical activity in the water after swimming, which uses tools such as weights, tubes, steps or bikes. It is strongly recommended in pregnancy especially because it reduces pressure in the lumbar area and prevents back pain. Then there is theacquafin, an evolution of aquagym, with similar exercises but carried out with fins applied to the ankles and wrists that increase the resistance of the water, and therefore the degree of difficulty of the exercises. It is an excellent practice in the rehabilitation of injuries in athletes ”, underlines Beretta. Then there is the simple acquawalking, “A walk in the water, with less joint pressure, perfect especially for the elderly and people suffering from obesity. More impactful is thehydrobike or hydrospinningideal for those who want to lose weight but are not particularly prone to long-lasting aerobic physical activity “.

Aerobic activity against cellulite

If you don’t like water, however, the advice is to move: “To avoid the cellulite are highly recommended aerobic physical activities because they allow the body to mainly use fat tissue as its main energy source – underlines the personal trainer -. It is always good to remember, then, that the more physical activity we do, the less cellulite we will have. This happens because physical activity increases vascularity and promotes the functionality of the microcirculation. Furthermore, it must be assumed that the basal metabolic rate is directly proportional to the muscle mass, therefore, the more muscles we have, the more calories we burn – emphasizes Dr. Beretta -. Sports people usually have more muscle than sedentary people, which is why they burn more calories and are less prone to cellulite formation. Remember that cellulite also forms, but not only, from excess fat! “.

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