Milan, Small Shareholders' Meeting: the point between Elliott, RedBird and Nuovo Stadio

The Shareholders’ Meeting of the AC Milan Small Shareholders Association (“APA”) was held today. Here are the points addressed

(source: AC Milan Small Shareholders Association)

Milan, June 9, 2022 – The Shareholders’ Meeting of the AC Milan Small Shareholders Association (“APA”) was held today, during which the current situation of the Rossoneri Club and its prospects were discussed, also in light of the corporate restructuring.

The Association believes that Elliott Advisors Uk Limited and management they have done well looking at Milan today as well as tomorrow’sallowing it to take the path of transparency and sustainability which is an essential prerequisite for organic and lasting growth

The corporate reorganization, which will see the entry into the shareholding structure of RedBird Capital, was welcomed by APA Milan which will immediately guarantee the spirit of collaboration and construction that has always distinguished the association; in this sense APA Milan will take action in order to provide RedBird with all useful and necessary interlocutions. The new corporate partnership, combined with sporting successes, the precious talent scouting activity, as well as an optimal commercial management, could represent an important development driver for Milan.

During the Assembly the question of the new stadium of the Club was also discussed; APA Milan believes that the latter is essential for AC Milan’s future and to ensure that he can return and remain firmly at the top of world football. A path aimed at the construction of a new AC Milan stadium, home only to the Rossoneri fans, would warm the hearts of all AC Milan fans.

Finally, APA Milan believes that it has guaranteed the Club and Elliott a valid constructive and collaborative contribution that has been able to demonstrate the validity and importance of the association’s social purpose; the new shareholder structure involving RedBird Capital will certainly be able to capitalize on this experience, with the hope that other members of APA will be able to enter the shareholder structure.

Auro PalombaPresident of APA stated: “Milan have shown Italy that you can win by playing a good game on the pitch and being sustainable at the club level. From the beginning Elliott and the managing director Ivan Gazidis have set up a new concept of Milan that has always received our support. As small shareholders, we greatly appreciated Elliott’s thanks to the Milanese people; it was a revolutionary awareness in the world of football of the importance of fans as the actual owners of clubs. Now, with the new corporate reorganization, we will have to continue the path aimed at ethics and sustainability which hopefully will help Milan in returning to the top of world football. ” New center forward Milan, a track in Serie A: the latest market news >>>

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