Messi, everything has changed: why aren't you in PSG like in Argentina?

For the first time in his career, Leo has scored more goals for Selección than for his club at the end of the season

It sounds incredible but there was a time when Lionel Messi wore the Argentina shirt and the world of football, seeing the difference in performance, wondered “why it wasn’t Barcelona’s”. Years and years looking for an answer to this question. But in recent seasons, the story has been turned around. To such an extent that today the question is different: why is PSG’s Messi not that of Albiceleste?

Yes, because the best player in the world has undoubtedly become a formidable goalscorer in the last 15 years. He capable of scoring 73 goals in a single season (2011/12). His offensive production in Barcelona has always been impossible to achieve in the national team. Especially for a question of the quantity of matches with one shirt and the other.

However, the season that has just ended has left an unprecedented figure for Leo’s career. For the first time in his 18 years as a professional, since his Barcelona debut in 2004, Messi finished with more goals for the national team than for his club, in this case Paris Saint-Germain.

In the 21/22 season, the first away from Barcelona, ​​where he played all his life, the number 10 scored 11 goals in his 34 games with the Parisians: 6 in Ligue 1 and 5 in the Champions League. While with Argentina he scored 14 goals in 18 games, including qualifiers, Copa América, Finals and friendlies.

Of the 34 matches with the PSG shirt, 26 were for Ligue 1, 7 for the Champions League and one for Coupe de France. Of the 18 matches with the national team, 9 were for the qualifiers for Qatar, 7 for the Copa América 2021 in Brazil, one against Italy in the Wembley Final and the rest against Estonia last Sunday. Precisely, his five scores in the recent friendly have raised the average. However, before this match, he counted 9 goals in 17 matches, which is a stamp every two games. Furthermore, Messi, as confirmed on the Twitter account of the Selección, has surpassed a certain Puskas for the number of goals scored among the goalscorers of all time with the shirt of his country.

The coach Lionel Scaloni praised the Pulce after the 5-0 to the Estonians: “Talking about Leo is like talking about Rafa Nadal. There are no more words to describe them. It is something unique, it is a pleasure to have him in this group, it is a pleasure to train him, his behavior and his commitment are pleasant. I think he is not only a treasure for Argentina, but of world football. The day he no longer plays, we will miss him very much. I hope the world will take care of him and enjoy him ”.

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