Liverpool mayor says 40,000 counterfeit ticket holder theory 'ridiculous'

Even if his tone remained constantly calm, and his words courteous, we felt that Steve Rotheram was seething at times. This Thursday afternoon, the mayor of Liverpool, during a hearing organized by the Senate by videoconference, returned to the incidents which preceded the final of the last Champions League, Real Madrid-Liverpool (1-0). Incidents of which he was a direct witness, since the city councilor was stripped on this occasion of his papers, his credit cards, his telephone and his entrance tickets.

During his speech, Rotheram notably insisted on denying the theory, notably relayed by the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin, according to which these disturbances were caused by the presence of 35,000 to 40,000 English supporters who came to the Stade de France. without having valid tickets: This is absolutely not true. It is even ridiculous to affirm that there were so many of them. If it wasn’t so serious, I’d be genuinely laughing […]. It will be up to your investigation to determine the exact number of people with counterfeit notes, but I think that in the end this total will be much lower than that advanced by the Minister of the Interior ”.

Didier Lallement admits he may have been wrong

A little earlier, the Liverpuldian mayor had wondered: “But finally these 40,000 people, where did they disappear (after the start of the match)? Did they take the metro again? I would be interested to know. I would also like to know the method used to determine the number of counterfeit notes. Is that a calculation we did on the back of a pack of cigarettes? “.

Before him, the Paris police chief, Didier Lallement, was also questioned by the senators. And he had rightly reaffirmed that “35,000” supporters with counterfeit tickets or without tickets had come to the Stade de France and were allegedly “root evil” the cause of the incidents. ” I fully assume ” this digit “which I gave to the minister”said Mr. Lallement, while acknowledging that he maybe mistaken”. ” I never claimed he was perfectly fair”he added, while maintaining that there were too many people compared to the capacity of the stadium.

In particular, he refuted having said that these supporters were “everyone in front of the stadium gates”, while several videos and testimonies showed that there was not a large number of supporters around the Stade de France after the start of the match. ” I did not expect a volume of this nature of counterfeit notes “, he continued. ” It’s obviously a failurec” finally conceded Didier Lallement, mentioning the people “pushed or assaulted ” and ” the shaken image ” from France. ” It’s a wound for me “, he added.

“We were not prepared for such an influx of criminals “Explained for his part the director of institutional affairs of the FFF, Erwan Le Prévost, during this hearing. He quoted ” non-standard behavior, people entering through restaurants “, others who “Breaked the gate of a school to get in, people entered through the construction site of a footbridge…”

According to him, the lack of information from the RATP also contributed to the congestion at the gates of the stadium. ” If we had had real-time information on the diversion of flows from RER B (partly on strike, editor’s note) to RER D, we could have redesigned our system at the start of the afternoon. The prefecture did not have the information either.he added.

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