Lautaro's agent: "There is no possibility that he will leave Inter"

Prosecutor Camaño excludes a departure from Toro in the summer: “Whoever scores so much does not go unnoticed, but has a 4-year contract and is happy”

“As of today, I have no reason to think that there is even a chance that he will leave Inter.” Lautaro Martinez’s agent has no doubts about the future of his client, driven by his best season ever in terms of goals and protected by a four-year career with the Nerazzurri. The words of Alejandro Camaño a FcInterNews do not leave room for interpretation: “The truth is that a player who scores so many goals in a complicated league like the Italian one does not go unnoticed – explains the agent of Toro -, but there are still 4 years of contract. He is fine, he is happy , he enjoys the team, the club, his teammates. There is no reason to leave. “

In symbiosis

Obviously when it comes to the transfer market it is better not to take anything for granted, but at the moment he shouldn’t be the one sacrificed from the point of view of economic sustainability: “Professional football we know how it is, today I say this and tomorrow everything can change” . With the city and the fans, then, the striker finds himself better and better: “At the moment we are enjoying a very good year for Lautaro. From a footballing point of view, but also from a private life and stability point of view. affection of the people of Milan, also because he recently started a project with Agustina in the city “. The allusion is to the restaurant Coraje, inaugurated two days ago with some team mates.


Central is obviously the contract that binds the player and the club, but it was never signed with the aim of monetizing, as Camaño explains: “When we sat down to discuss the renewal, it wasn’t thinking about a next sale. But the next goal. , in the following match, in Serie A, in the Champions League. It is not a contract designed for a sale, but to be happy at Inter. ” Lautaro, meanwhile, finds himself better and better in the Nerazzurri: “He is Argentine. Emotionally he is one who is bound to the club where he is. He comes from a highly emotional team like Racing, where the players turn into fans of the team they wear. The jersey. He also had this luck with Inter in Italy. Lautaro faces the pressure, aims for big goals. He exalts the values ​​of Interism. I don’t know what will happen in the future because it is professional football. But for Lautaro, playing for Lautaro. Inter is something splendid, like many other players who would like to join the Nerazzurri. ” But now he is there, the Bull, and he has no intention of moving from Milan. To the delight of his fans.

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