Juve, Cuadrado and an expiring future.  But if a real offer arrives ...

The player has ruled out negotiations for the extension. Which remain possible between now and June 2023, but this year’s precedents say that the club’s line is going in another direction. The distance between his current agreement and the new Juventus standards, on the other hand, keep the way open for an early exit

The tweet with which Juan Cuadrado wanted to extinguish the rumors about his extension to Juventus, saying that he had never rejected proposals but also that there have never been any negotiations, puts for some time a firm point to the talks about his future. In the sense that we return to contractual certainties, that bond that was automatically renewed by another season until June 2023. The hypotheses before us remain three: get to the table to further prolong the bond (as has been thought for a long time), reach the deadline in a year or say goodbye immediately. The management of the last few weeks up to the aforementioned tweet, for the moment, leads to the exclusion of the first scenario. With what follows.


Some fixed points. The 5 million bonuses included for Juan Cuadrado’s next season are in line with what was written in black and white between the player and the club when the contract was signed at the time, but no more in line with the current renewal policy of the club compared to which today is off the scale: now it would not have been subscribed to those figures, but it comes from a previous season. This is why the idea of ​​extending the bond, spreading the agreement over several years, was a realistic and sensible area of ​​discussion, beyond the level at which the talks actually arrived.


It is this economic evaluation that opens up the possibility that if buyers for Cuadrado turn up, Juventus would consider his exit. It is in this framework alone that rumors about the Colombian can have citizenship, including those about Inter and Rome. But who is willing to spend, and how much, for a 34-year-old player who is expiring and with a salary level of this type? Because instead, in the prevailing direction of honoring the bond in a reciprocal way, the possibility of a termination of the relationship, leaving the Colombian free to marry elsewhere, appears excluded. So on until 2023, unless a buyer comes along.


Forward until 2023 means reading the report in the perspective of the precedents in which the new Juve course has decided to expire. There were five of them at the start of the season just ended. One, Cuadrado, saw the relationship automatically extend due to a contractual option. The only two players with whom Juventus have decided to move forward, De Sciglio (still to be made official) and Perin, fall within a salary level far from that of Cuadrado, with agreements moreover to the decline. On the other hand, for the two big players, in the sense of owners or almost owners, with whom Juve has come to an end, Dybala and Bernardeschi, this strategy of the club has proved to be synonymous with goodbye at the end of the season, even in the face of the opening to more engagements. lows that the players eventually got to.


Therefore nothing prevents Juventus and Cuadrado from starting from now on that negotiation that according to the player so far has not been started on the extension with spreading of the contract now expiring in June 2023. However, even if each case is different, it is the precedents that give a trace of Juventus’ politics in cases not very different from Cuadrado. This is what directs the most likely scenario towards the naked choice of reaching a deadline, to say goodbye in a year. A line that would put the Colombian on the same wagon, for example, as Alex Sandro and his heavy 6 million contract expiring in June 2023, certainly impossible to place and certainly without considering the extension. Or there is the Rabiot scenario, certainly still open to the triple option, where however the main road seems to be the one that leads to the sale, given that a market has it. Perhaps the real alternative for Cuadrado compared to reaching the deadline.

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