Jonathan Lamy, first Frenchman to climb Everest twice in less than a year

Firefighter in Thoiry (Ain) where he lives and ski instructor in Savoie in winter, Jonathan Lamy had a third dream since he was a child: to climb “8000”. After Everest, Lhotse and Manaslu last year, the 25-year-old has just completed the unprecedented Everest-Makalu double, and has become the fastest Frenchman to climb Everest twice (8,848 m ), in 355 days. “ People don’t understand why I went back there but there’s nothing to understand, it’s my story, my dream, my project “, he confides.

Of his five ascents, Jonathan Lamy retains “ different sensations but identical emotions “. The result of a project that requires physical, mental and financial investment – around 50,000 euros. And if the return to civilian life is ” easy enough “, with all the comfort unlike the expedition life in a tent, he now intends to take a break: ” I won’t be going back this year because we’re really leaving some feathers there. There, I lost 5 kilos and calves, my cheeks are sunken, I have frostbite. There are some who go on for records but in my opinion it’s a bit rushed, the body needs to rest. »

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Especially since his recent ascent of Everest almost turned into a nightmare when his team – made up of 13 internationals and 12 guides – had 45 bottles of oxygen stolen at 8,000 m. ” People could have died, it’s a danger to othersgets carried away the Frenchman. It comes from another team, very big and very rich, which practices overbooking. More customers than they thought made it up to Camp 4 and so they hadn’t planned enough oxygen. »

Although he admits to being flattered and proud to be the fastest Frenchman to climb Everest twice, for him, expeditions are above all ” human experiences during which he builds relationships with the members of his team. He always calls on Da Dendi Sherpa, a Nepalese and expedition leader who has his own agency and hires his guides. ” I wanted to live the adventure as closely as possible and for me, that’s the reality, these people know the terrain inside out, explains the one who released a film on his first ascent of Everest. This ultra-rich human side is what marks the expedition even more. If we go through very expensive and commercial teams, it’s not the same. »

Back in France since June 4, he considers himself “ very lucky » and now wishes above all to share his experience, in particular with the orphans of the firefighters to whom he has donated and in the schools near his home. Before, no doubt, discovering a new summit: “ Next spring, I will certainly be seen again at the foot of a mountain and, I hope, at the top as well. »

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