Ime Udoka (Boston) after Game 3 won against Golden State: “Imposing our will and our size”

Ime Udoka, Boston coach, after the victory in game 3 of the final against Golden State (116-100): “We bounced back well. I told the group that we do it after losses and that it would be good to do it after a win now. During the last match, I found that we could have attacked the basket better. Our occupation of space was much better this (Wednesday) evening. The guys stayed patient and found their way to the basket. The points after offensive rebounds counted a lot.

On a strictly physical level, we responded better to their intensity than during the last match. They took some tough shots in the third quarter, but this time we didn’t crack offensively. We continued to score and there was this big fourth quarter. Robert Williams? Not only did he block shots – four I think – but there were also those he deflected and his presence deterred some guys from entering. We want to impose our will and our size in this series. When we have parties like that from him or from Al (Horford), it pays. »

Jayson Tatum, Boston back (26 points, 6 rebounds, 9 assists): “During the play-offs, we weren’t good enough at home. We feel a little guilty vis-à-vis the fans because they give us energy. We felt this energy even before the start of the match. It’s the first final since 2010 or 2012, I don’t know. They were excited, that’s for sure. We’ll need them on Friday too. Warming up in the final is a bit tough with all the media attention. The routines are a little different. We train at the Garden. Everyone knows that I can score but in the play-offs and, in the final, I especially want to do what helps the team to win. Find the right move. It won’t be perfect every time, but the mindset is still to succeed or find someone open. »

Jaylen Brown, Boston guard (27 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists): “We had to take better care of the ball. Details matter. Putting down the right screens is key in a match like this. The little things make you win. Today, we created some very good screens and open shots. We will have to continue to do these little things. This (Wednesday) evening was a great victory. When you win as a team, you feel even better. Playing at home is an advantage, with the energy in the room and certain actions that go in your direction, but we also lost matches at home during these play-offs. First you have to be there, in Boston, San Francisco or Alaska. »

Marcus Smart, Boston point guard (24 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists): “Jaylen (Brown) and Jayson (Tatum) are always going to come up against the other team’s best defensemen. It is my role as a leader to relieve them. These two guys are being hunted 24 hours a day. Their jobs are tough enough as it is. No need to tire them out by letting them carry the ball. I must remain calm. Otherwise, it’s a snowball effect. Golden State is a very good team. They will have good times but so will we. In game 2, they put pressure on us and it left a bitter taste in our mouths because we consider ourselves a physical team, strong in defense. So that kinda woke us up. »

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