Gasp, let's change.  Atalanta wants the outsiders: ahead on El Shaarawy.  And like Ederson

The Goddess pressing for the Salernitana joker. The Romanist is also of interest. Much will also depend on the departures

There is no third way. That is: Atalanta will not remain as it is. And, at least in intentions, at the end of the transfer market Gian Piero Gasperini will train a team that will be a mix: he will be born following the other two paths that he himself indicated the day before yesterday, namely that of targeted reinforcements, but also trying where possible to rejuvenate the team. team, focusing on prospects also to be added to over time. However, after the talks that Gasp had in recent days with Lee Congerton and Tony D’Amico, the two new transfer men, and on the basis of the renewal project already studied for some time with the CEO. Luca Percassi, Atalanta is now ready to go. The times will not be very short, as is a bit for everyone, but the ideas are clear.

the disposals

How deep the restyling of the squad will be will also depend on the sales. In addition to Demiral, who will not be redeemed, another defender could leave, but only in the face of advantageous offers. The department that will change the most face should be that of the outsiders. There has been talk of farewell to Hateboer for a couple of years and interesting offers are also looming for Maehle: the other day, to see Austria-Denmark, there were observers from West Ham. In between, the sale of one between Pasalic and Pessina (Monza pushes) cannot be ruled out, but only in the event of a new purchase. In attack, the position of Ilicic, who still has a year of contract, and above all of Miranchuk, who never found his size in Bergamo, must be evaluated: Giovanni Sartori’s Bologna – the sports director who bought it at the time for about 15 million – he’d be thinking about it.

offensive graft

And it is precisely to an offensive graft, if not two in the case of the not unlikely departure of one between Muriel and Zapata, that the greatest efforts, including economic ones, will be dedicated. Like every year, it is the extra pawn that Gasperini ideally considers a priority: he reiterated it the day before yesterday as well. In the end, he could be chosen by selecting from Congerton’s foreign “portfolio”, although so far there has been mainly talk of “Italian” operations. Talks have been started for Stephan El Shaarawy, who earns a lot (about 3 million) but is appreciated by Gasperini, who made him debut in Serie A in 2008, when he was just 16 years old. With Fiorentina there was talk of Christian Kouame, 24, this year on loan to Anderlecht, but as part of a hypothesis – but now a little withered – for the arrival of Gollini in the viola.

in the middle of

For the midfield, the most concrete negotiation so far. And that could have an acceleration in the next few days. The CEO Percassi had talked at length with Walter Sabatini, before his resignation, of the Brazilian Ederson, 22, who impressed beyond the goal and the great performance of May 2 at Gewiss. The attractiveness of Europe could have accelerated the agreement and at this moment neither the player (waiting for proposals from abroad) nor the Salernitana, which does not consider the first offer of about 15 million euros adequate. But Atalanta want to know soon if they will have to change their goal and have chosen the path of pressing: also because the approaches of Fiorentina and Roma have so far been more timid and Inter at this moment does not have the freedom to move immediately. We will talk about it again within a few days: if necessary, by modifying the offer a little, perhaps with the inclusion of a technical counterpart.

on the lanes

But the urgency, for Gasperini, is not in the middle (radars turned on even on Ivan Ilic of Verona) and not even in defense, where the return of Okoli can prelude to a stay in the squad and in any case the old track that leads to Jhon remains alive. Lucumí, 23, Colombian from Genk who is also liked by Napoli. The coach, who at the moment only has Zappacosta certain of staying, has asked for two eligible midfield players: Congerton is working on various foreign options, but the coach does not mind Manuel Lazzari either. He also talked about it at the time of the negotiations with Spal for Kurtic and Petagna, today he could be part of the standing discussions with Lazio for the sale of the goalkeeper Carnesecchi.

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