F1 Azerbaijan, Mercedes with a star for the gay movement.  And the other teams ...

On Hamilton and Russell’s Mercedes in Azerbaijan there will be a rainbow symbol against sexual discrimination to celebrate “Pride month”. Vettel: “Today a gay driver would be welcome in F1”. An initiative also from Alpine

It all began with Lewis Hamilton and his battle against racial discrimination. It was 2020 and Mercedes decided to paint the F1 black, giving up the classic silver, to symbolize the closeness to its iconic driver, who was fighting for a cause far greater than a world victory. Two years have passed since Lewis took to the streets in London together with the “Black Lives Matter” movement and the claims of the seven-time world champion have meanwhile widened. The Accelerate 25 program, set up with the help of team principal Toto Wolff, aims to promote diversity and inclusiveness in the team, creating more space for disadvantaged minorities and transversality between the two sexes.

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The latest initiative concerns the “Pride month”, the month of gay pride, which arises from the great protest in New York in 1969 for equal opportunities and is celebrated in June. Mercedes will race with a Rainbow Star on its nose in the next three races, starting with Sunday’s in Azerbaijan, as a sign of closeness to the community that brings together lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. A nice shock (another) for the old F1. and her taboos. Evidently, the days of “machismo” represented by female-wasting pilots like James Hunt are long gone. There is a different consciousness in the environment.

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This is also confirmed by a recent interview with the four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel in the magazine “Attitude”. The German, sensitive to the issue of equality, reiterated that it is time for greater openness: “I think that, unlike in the past, today a gay driver would be welcome in F1 and would help eliminate certain prejudices that still persist, helping our sport to go in the right direction. It takes courage to show yourself for who you are rather than what people expect. We are ready for it. ” In 2021, Vettel sported a rainbow helmet in Hungary, ruled by Orban’s far right, and Hamilton did the same in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, supporting local LGBT movements. And from this weekend, Fernando Alonso’s Alpine has also announced a partnership with the newborn Racing Pride project, putting the rainbow on the hood of the cars.

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The message does not only concern sexual diversity, but also the aforementioned theme of inclusiveness in an environment that has always historically been very closed. F1 has granted a showcase until last year, with the initiative “We race as one”, by bringing together the drivers before the start on the starting line of the GPs, to demonstrate against discrimination. But moving on to concrete actions is not so immediate. Meanwhile, Mercedes and Hamilton show that they are firmly pursuing their crusade, which in the next few years will lead to the recruitment of 25% of the team’s staff (including engineers) from disadvantaged social groups and ethnic minorities. You can be world champion even outside the circuits.

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