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Hthe day has come From 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., MARCA celebrates in Malaga the first day of the fourth edition of the BRAND Sport Weekend.Thebes, Thuram, Mireia Belmonte, Collina… and much more.

10.00 The fight against racism in sport (Pompidou Center)

Lilian Thuram will be in charge of opening the MARCA Sport Weekend with a round table in which she will review the work carried out by her foundation in the fight against racism in sport. The Pompidou Center will receive with open arms the former World and European champion with the French national team.

11.00 Tribute to the Women’s Handball Club Malaga Costa del Sol (Real Club Mediterrneo)

The Costa del Sol Handball Club, recent champion of the Queen’s Cup and finalist in the EHF Cup, raised women’s handball to another dimension by bringing more than seven thousand people (7,183) to Carpena in the European match against Rocasa. At MARCA Sport Weekend, a well-deserved tribute will be received at the Real Club Mediterrneo.

12.00 Entrepreneurship through sport (Pompidou Center)

Emprn Esport are the prizes for sports entrepreneurship from F. Trinidad Alfonso and MARCA. Angel Casero, director of the Volta C. Valenciana, will talk about his work in organizing events; Vicente Herrera, director of Penyagolosa Trails and Manu G Baquero, CEO of Infinitri Sports, together with C. Baixauli, from Trinidad Alfonso.

13.00 An aperitif with Siro (Fbrica Cervezas Victoria)

Siro López, after a long career in various communication groups, on both sides of the news, as a journalist or press officer, decided to turn his journalistic work around to adapt to new ways of reporting. As a result of the pandemic and after appearing in the ‘Colgados del Aro’ space, he went on to become one of the most followed sports streamers in Spain. I will talk about all this today at the Victoria Beer Factory.

13.00 Opening ceremony with Mireia Belmonte (Pompidou Center)

Mireia Belmonte, a champion of Spanish sport, opens MARCA Sport Weekend with an event at the Center Pompidou together with the director of MARCA, Juan Ignacio Gallardo. The Badalona woman is one of the best Spanish athletes of all time, with four Olympic medals, including one gold, the first in the history of Spanish swimming.

13.30 A meeting with the future stars (Club Mediterrneo)

After opening the program of events for MARCA Sport Weekend, the multidisciplinary event that makes Malaga the capital of Spanish sport, Mireia Belmonte will be at the pool of the Mediterranean club for a meeting with the little ones, the future stars of Spanish swimming .

13.30 Valorant, the shooter you didn’t see coming (Aula del Mar)

One of the ‘culprits’ of the success of Movistar Riders is its sports director, Luis Filgueira, Resett. We will talk about how a club is managed and we will delve into the particular case of the shooter VALORANT, which has had a rise in popularity on Twitch that no one could have foreseen. And to tell us about this phenomenon on stream, Laurita Chicle, content creator for Movistar Riders.

16.00 The Pizarra de Quintana (Plaza de la Constitución)

In the Plaza de la Constitución, Miguel Quintana and his team display their blackboard, the popular RADIO Marca program, to talk about football from analysis. It will have a star guest: Federico Addiechi, head of sustainability and diversity at FIFA.

16.45 A coffee with Thebes (Pompidou Center)

To value LaLiga, the competition where the European champion Real Madrid plays, and which had a semi-finalist, Villarreal, in the Champions League. Promote projects dedicated to generating wealth for Spanish clubs, such as ‘LaLiga Impulso’. These are some of the tasks of Javier Tebas, in his fourth term at the helm of Spanish professional football, that he will be having a coffee with Juan Ignacio Gallardo, director of MARCA, this afternoon at the Center Pompidou.

17.00 Live, the force of Survival with Carlos Sobera and Zerbino (Thyssen Museum)

Who does not remember a story that moved the whole world? It was simply the fight for life. It will be remembered by the Uruguayan Gustavo Zerbino, who will surely star in one of the highlights of the MSV of Malaga. Being today in the Thyssen Museum. Gustavo’s epic was produced 50 years ago, but it continues to overwhelm those who listen to it.

5:00 p.m.: 3 vs. 100 Camello, Mara Farfn and Luis Muoz against 100 children from the Mlaga quarry (Anexo de La Rosaleda)

One of the most characteristic events, and the only one that has been repeated so far in all the face-to-face editions of MARCA Sport Weekend since the first edition in Marbella, is the already classic 3 against 100. It is the meeting of just 15 minutes in which three professional soccer players, Luis Muoz and María Farfán (from Málaga, the Smartbank League and the Iberdrola League respectively) and Sergio Camello, an Atltico player, are facing the youngest members of the academy of one of the city’s teams, in this case to that of Malaga.

17:30: Movistar sponsored table: Sports documentaries, The least expected day and others… (Pompidou Center)

The sports documentary had a before and after after the extraordinary impact of ‘The Last Dance’, about Michael Jordan’s last year with the Bulls. The protagonists of the sport, their experiences, the less seen side, the intrahistory of a feat. Everything is documentary meat. Eugenio Blanco (Head of Customer engagement and Chief Editor DAZN), the boxer Sndor Martn, Jos Larraza (Movistar), who will talk about the documentary about the Movistar cycling team El da menos thought, and Juan Pablo Molinero (Movistar Team).

5:30 p.m. Who is King Enigma (Classroom of the Sea-Porch)

What is the enigma of King Enigma, the unknown chess player whose identity only eight people know -including his parents-, who has faced Karpov, Nakamura and Vachier Lagrave and was one of the protagonists of the Got Talent final ? Mysteries and more mysteries of someone who has 1.2 million followers on TikTok (Carlsen 775,000 on Instagram) who was born to the general public when the Queen’s Gambit series was a mass phenomenon and popularized chess to levels worthy of a Fischer-Spassky or Kasparov-Karpov.

6:15 p.m.: Table. Hill. A legendary referee (Museum Pompidou)

There may be a before and after in world refereeing after the appearance of Pierluigi Collina (Bologna, 1962), perhaps the most famous football man in history who never kicked a ball. Because Collina was a referee, he went down in history for his way of understanding refereeing and now belongs to the FIFA executive committee. In Malaga, during the MARCA Sport Weekend, this newspaper wants to honor him as he deserves. That is why he will receive the MARCA Leyenda, the highest distinction of this publication.

18.30. Storm, forging the future (Aula del Mar-Porche)

In the world of esports, electronic sports, in addition to professional competitions there are some amateur tournaments. These are the ones that GGTech deals with, the main semi-professional tournaments in our country. Cristian González, director of the Storm Circuit, will talk about all of them. Along with Guillermo ‘Fleki’ Moreno, caster of the Radiant League and one of the voices in VALORANT. The Storm Zone will be open to the public all weekend.

7:00 p.m.: Socios.com and Kolderiu: a challenge with Messi (Plaza de la Constitución)

If you think you know everything about Messi, one of the football legends, you shouldn’t miss out on this particular challenge offered by Socios.com, which will include the participation of youtuber Kolderiu. You can take away a PSG shirt, LaLiga products and many more surprises.

7:00 p.m. Viki Gomez. RedBull. (Pier One)

An old acquaintance of MARCA Sport Weekend, capable of doing wonders on a bicycle, Jorge ‘Viki’ Gómez will surprise again with his acrobatics this afternoon at Pier 1 in Malaga, on the first day, full of acts and activities, of the MSW. As he says: “It’s a fight between mind, gravity and physics, combined with the inertia of movement; a way to beat the limits of your imagination.”

19:30 The strongest man in Spain (Muelle Uno)

When you’re pulling a 15-ton bus, dominating every strength tournament, and aiming for your fifth National Strength League title, you might be signed by Marvel because you’re just a super hero. That’s what Roberto Rodríguez, a 31-year-old vigus, has become, who will make an exhibition this afternoon with some of his feats that leave your mouth open. At 1.85 meters tall and weighing around 155 kilos, he is capable of deadlifting 360 kilos and squatting 320 kilos. But he also lifts cars and pulls trucks or buses. Worth to watch.

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