Epic Games Store Unveils The Fourth Mystery Free Game - It's The Last

Fourth and final mysterious free game on the Epic Games Store, which at the same time reveals which title will be redeemable from June 16.

Time for new free games, thanks to the giveaway of Epic Games Store with which also this week you can take home a PC title at no cost and with the only requirement of having an account on the Fortnite creators’ shop. This is the third week that the name of the new “mystery game” is not mentioned until it is made available, which only increases the curiosity of eagerly awaited players. But now it’s time for the presentation, and that’s what we’re talking about.

Now for free on the Epic Games Store –

Punctual at 17:00, the highly anticipated third free game honored by the Fortnite house is available on the Epic Games Store. After the previous two cases, which had seen Epic unveil as titles involved in the Borderlands 3 initiative, BioShock: The Collection and Wolfenstein: The New Order, here is another great name for the online store library. It is in fact Maneater. “Starting as a little baby shark, you will be tasked with surviving the merciless world and flipping your way through the ecosystem with fins and teeth. To fulfill your task, you will have to explore a vast world and face different enemies, both human and animal. Find the necessary resources with which to grow and evolve far beyond the laws of nature, thus becoming an imposing shark: the super predator told in legends. He eats. Explore. Evolve ”, reads the description of the game. You can redeem it now at no cost at this address, until next June 16th.

End mysterious free games, here is Supraland –

At the same time as the presentation of Maneater, the series of mysterious free games is closed. With the end of the Epic Games Store Mega Sale, it has already been unveiled – as is tradition – the free game that will succeed the one available this week. PC users will in fact be able to obtain, even in this case for free, Supraland from 16 to 23 June. The game is boldly described as “a mix of Portal, Zelda and Metroid. Explore, solve puzzles, defeat monsters and discover secret improvements and new abilities that will help you reach new places. Playing time: 12-25 hours “. Here you will find further details on this.

Other free games for PC and console –

Despite the now extreme popularity of the Epic Games Store giveaway, particularly appreciated since it does not require subscriptions whatsoever unlike the others, there are many initiatives that offer free games online. On PC, Amazon’s Prime Gaming requires a subscription to Amazon Prime, for example, but it is the same one that is used for fast shipping on ecommerce and TV series or movies, so it ‘weighs little’ on consumers’ pockets. On consoles, free games are associated with services that allow you to play online: this is the case of PlayStation Plus, which has just updated its library, and partly also of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which includes – in addition to the on-demand catalog for console, PC and cloud – even Xbox Live Gold.

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