Carlsen - Lagrave, in the eighth round of the Norway Chess tournament, live

MAgnus Carlsen faces France’s Maxime Vachier Lagrave, his analyst in the last world title match, in the eighth and penultimate rounds of the Norway Chess live tournament. The 52-year-old Indian Viswanathan Anand, second classified half a point behind the champion, plays against the Azerbaijani Shakhriyar Mamedyarov.

The rest of the games of the day this Thursday, which can be followed live from 5:00 p.m. on the MARCA channel on YouTube With images from and comments from Pepe Cuenca and David Martínez, they are So (USA)- Topalov (Bulgaria), Giri (Netherlands)-Tari (Norway) and Radjabov (Azerbaijn)-Wang (China).

The game rhythm of the test, which is played by a one-round league system, is 120 minutes for the first 40 movements and from that moment 10 additional seconds per move.

In the event that the game ends in a draw, 20 minutes later an Armageddon with 10 minutes for White and 7 for Black, with increments of 1 second from move 40, will be played – each chess player keeping the initial colors. A new draw will give victory to black.

The victory at classical rhythm adds 3 points and in Armageddon, 1.5 for the winner and 1 for the loser. It is not possible to sign the distribution of the point before move 30. The prize pool amounts to almost 250,000 euros (2.5 million Norwegian kroner).

Results of the seventh round: Tari (Norway)-Carlsen (Norway), draw; Vachier Lagrave (France)-So (United States), 1-0; Anand (India)-Radjabov (Azerbaijn), draw; Mamedyarov (Azerbaijn)-Giri (Netherlands), 1-0; Topalov (Bulgaria)-Wang (China), draw.

7th round tiebreaker results: Tari (Norway)-Carlsen (Norway), 1-0; Anand (India)-Radjabov (Azerbaijn), 1-0; Topalov (Bulgaria)-Wang (China), 0-1.

The pairings scheduled for the eighth and penultimate rounds are as follows: Carlsen (Norway)-Vachier Lagrave (France), So (United States)- Topalov (Bulgaria), Giri (Netherlands)-Tari (Norway), Anand (India)-Mamedyarov (Azerbaijn) and Radjabov (Azerbaijn)-Wang ( China).

Classification after the seventh round: 1, Carlsen (Norway), 13.5; 2, Anand (India), 13; 3, Mamedyarov (Azerbaijn) and Vachier Lagrave (France), 11.5; 5, So (United States), 10; 6, Tari (Norway), 8.5; 7, Giri (Netherlands), 8; 8, Topalov (Bulgaria), 7; 9, Wang (China), 5.5; 10, Radjabov (Azerbaijan), 5.

Game schedule:

May 31-June 3: 1-4 round.

June 4: break.

June 5-7: 5-7 round.

8 of June: break.

June 9-10: 8-9 round

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