Big Three, Green's shadow and ... Time Lord: the 5 things he said in race-3

Clear victory of the Celtics over Golden State: now Boston leads the Finals 2-1 thanks to the impact of Brown, Tatum and Smart. The mentality and the Williams factor did the rest. Warriors: with such a disastrous Green and without continuity, you are not going anywhere

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The Boston Celtics are again ahead in these Nba Finals, after the success in game-3 at the TD Garden against Golden State, reacting in a splendid way, from a technical, mental and competitive point of view, to the clear defeat suffered in the previous game. Warriors in the match only in the 3rd quarter, played wonderfully by Steve Kerr’s boys, but overwhelmed by the desire and organization of the hosts throughout the match. Here are the 5 themes that race-3 told.

Big Three Impact

It was since the 1984 Finals that a trio of players had not scored more than 20 points, at least 5 rebounds and 5 assists in the same game. At the time, it was Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, Magic Johnson and Michael Cooper of the Los Angeles Lakers who did it, right against the Boston Celtics. This time Jaylen Brown (27 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists), Jayson Tatum (26 points, 6 rebounds and 9 assists) and Marcus Smart (24 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists) have thought about rewriting the history of the Finals with a absolutely formidable overall performance. Brown dominated the 1st quarter scoring 17 points, appropriating the inertia of the game, Tatum illuminated with some breathtaking offensive play but, above all, he facilitated the game by distributing 9 assists against only 2 turnovers in 41 ‘. Smart, on the other hand, wrapped up the game with his leadership, signing very important baskets between the 3rd and 4th period in the most delicate moments of the match.

Green out of the game

Draymond Green is almost always the key player for the balance, offensive and defensive, of the Dubs but in this game-3 he was not incisive at all, on the contrary sometimes he even proved counterproductive for his team. Too nervous, busy arguing with the public, referees and opponents, and in constant difficulty with the Celtics longs, Green finished with 2 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 block and -13 plus / minus, before running out of bounds. you play in the 4th period for having reached the foul limit. Especially bad in attack, where he has never determined, hiding in the midst of his difficulties. To come back and win these Finals, a completely different Draymond Green will be needed in the next games (so far 15 points and 15 fouls scored).

Celtics mentality

It is no longer a novelty. This season, especially in the playoffs, the Celtics always respond decisively and authoritatively following a defeat. The postseason record is clear: 7 wins and zero losses. The tough mentality of Ime Udoka’s team is probably the best feature, certainly the most successful, expressed so far. In game-3, Boston immediately started very strong, taking advantage of its speed and versatility and relying on greater physicality on the court. A group that knows how to quickly forget disappointments and always manages to reset, find themselves and regenerate. A fundamental aspect to get to the end of the postseason.

The 3rd quarter Warriors

Golden State is dominating the third quarters of this series (106 points against 63), where it seems to be able to express its best basketball on both sides of the field. It was like this also in race-3, recovering from -18 to +2, but the great effort made by the Dubs was not enough to take control of the game. The 3rd Quarter Warriors are Warriors who would almost easily win these Finals. However, continuity is terribly lacking. Too many turnovers (17), quality of shots not always optimal (and for Golden State we know how important this is within the system) and in general a significant suffering in terms of physicality compared to the opponent, felt above all in rebounds (47 -31) and in the points scored in the area (52-26). What are the real Warriors?

Time Lord, a factor

Robert Williams is playing these playoffs practically on one leg, fresh from knee surgery, but when he is on the pitch he is probably the most decisive player in the Boston Celtics, attack and defense. In game-3 he signed 8 points (4/5 shooting), 10 rebounds, 3 steals and 4 blocks with a +21 plus / minus (the highest of the team) in just 26 ‘. Generous, versatile, relentless in his way of living and interpreting the race defensively. The center area is owned by him and no one else. Time Lord is a key factor in this postseason and in these Finals.

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