Zidane at PSG is hot!

The rumors sending Zinedine Zidane to Paris Saint-Germain are still present. They even experienced a small peak overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday.

The supporters of Paris Saint Germain who are subscribed to Sabri’s accounts, “Parisian or nothing”, are likely to have a pretty good day. This PSG fan, very followed on Snapchat, has gained notoriety in recent weeks by releasing some “inside” information about the capital club. The week preceding the decision to Kylian Mbappe, while most of the media sent the Bondy prodigy to Real Madrid, he was among the few who announced a contract extension in Paris. We know the rest.

Sabri has had less success in the Aurélien Tchouaméni file, but in recent days, and especially in recent hours, he has shown extreme confidence in three major files for PSG: Paul Pogba, Ousmane Dembélé and especially Zinedine Zidane. “03:08 in the morning and I confirm to you that I will shock people here, he dropped in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday on Twitter. They’re not ready, let’s just wait for the formalizations after I’ll be freewheeling, I have so many on the list that I’m going to have a real pleasure, you can be sure family!! »

These tweets did not escape Mohammed Al-Kaabi, the Qatari journalist, who provided the following response: “ZZ..Go sabri”, wrote the Qatari journalist, who is followed by more than 600,000 people on Twitter, and who collaborates with several Spanish media. Was it a confirmation of information from Doha, or a wish of a PSG follower? A few hours earlier, Al-Kaabi had posted a photo of Zidane, just to maintain the vagueness, and rumors about the former Real Madrid player.

PSG will try until the end

So, Zidane at PSG, is it really possible? Little concrete information circulates, which one can understand given the importance of the file. On his side, Daniel Riolo, to whom the facts also proved rather right in the soap opera Mbappé, continues to believe in it. ” Until the end of the possible, they will try Zidane. It’s not dead, it’s discussed, there are still meetings and until the end they will try “launched the consultant on the airwaves of RMC.

Riolo clarified his thinking: “Until there is a coach officially appointed by PSG, I will continue to believe that they will get there, he claimed. I am less certain than a few weeks ago because it is clearly discussing and because there are brakes that had to be thought about, but to say that it will be Galtier the PSG coach… ”

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