Vanessa Incontrada takes a picture of herself running and the haters attack her.  Here are the absurd reasons ...

The actress and TV presenter has always been a great sportswoman, but on social media they also criticize her for this …

There are no limits to stupidity, nor to excessive attention to the body of women and we have had yet another demonstration with an unpleasant episode of which she was a victim Vanessa Incontrada, one of the icons of body positivity. We have already talked about her because she is a great sportswoman, she practices many sports consistently, especially in the open air. Among her greatest passions are cycling and running. And just for a photo taken while she runs a few days ago she ended up again in the viewfinder of the usual keyboard lions.

The controversy over the photo of Vanessa Incontrada

For a person of average intelligence it is difficult to imagine why a woman could be criticized for taking a picture while jogging, especially if there have been many photos in her Instagram profile in which she is engaged in sports activities for years. Instead the photo was X-rayed by someone who obviously has nothing to do in life and criticisms came of this tenor: “Vanessa, you too? Photographed while you run!?!? A myth collapses on me”; “You too like everyone”, “Did a media battle over the freedom to be what you are, as you want, about inner beauty against body shaming, who didn’t want to lose weight and accepted each other like this and now what are you doing? Diet and training ? Good good for her. Had she done it earlier she would have spared insults and controversies and gained health from every point of view. “

Body positivity is not a cage

It almost seems that Vanessa Incontrada, due to the fact of being a champion of body positivity, cannot keep fit. As if working out and eating healthily is something that is done purely for the purpose of being lean and not for health. A few years ago Vanessa had already explained: “We live in a stupid world in some respects. Just hearing about my extra pounds hurt me. But don’t you have anything else to talk about? This does not mean that I do not train and do not care! I always train “.

Vanessa Incontrada and sport

True, Vanessa Incontrada always trains and likes to vary. Not just practice running and cycling (the latter often with his friend and colleague Claudio Bisio), but he also goes in gym with her friends and trains at home with her son Isal, born in 2008, with a elliptical bike. Plus she participated in triathlon competitionsdoes divingshe also likes it so much surfing. In short, he has always played sports and today someone wakes up and criticizes him for a photo taken while he runs.

The transformations and criticisms

Vanessa Incontrada is one of the most beautiful women on our TV, she was as a girl, when she started in her early twenties with the first broadcasts, she was a model and she was thin, she is today, the protagonist of successful fiction and TV presenter. After pregnancy her physique has become softer, more shapely, and for many she has become even more beautiful, for others, however, she should have remained slim. One might wonder why they care so much about Vanessa Incontrada’s weight, but unfortunately the world is full of people ready to criticize without looking in the mirror. social I’m a great sounding board for this type of people who thinks that a woman cannot afford to physically change over time

No diets

Vanessa Incontrada, regardless of weight, is one fit woman, toned, attractive and curvy. She likes to train, but she doesn’t follow drastic diets, she eats what she likes and what is good for her, without exaggerating either way. Plus she is also good at cooking and the kitchen is one of his favorite roomsbecause it relaxes you.

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