"The Greens" in order to confirm their new start against Tanzania

The Algerian national football team, when it faces its Tanzanian counterpart this Wednesday at the Panjaman Nkaba stadium in Dar es Salaam starting at 17:00 Algeria time, seeks to confirm its new start and overcome the difficult stage it went through following its exclusion in the World Cup 2022 supplement, by achieving a positive result within the framework of the round. The second (for Group F) of the 2023 African Cup of Nations qualifiers in Côte d’Ivoire. After about two months of bitter exclusion from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, following the double confrontation that brought together the “greens” with the Cameroonian team, the national team was able to achieve a relatively successful return to the competition after its victory, last Saturday, against Uganda at the July 5 Olympic Stadium in the capital, with a score of 2-0 for the account The opening round of the qualifiers. Despite some shortcomings that need to be modified, especially at the offensive level, the most important thing in this first interview remains that the national team scored a successful comeback that will help it restore confidence that was subjected to severe vibrations in the previous period, which needs to be confirmed by returning with a positive result from Tanzanian territory. The result of the victory, if achieved, will enable the national team to top the group standings, and most importantly, it will help the brilliant comrades of Youssef Belaili to turn a very painful page after the elimination from the World Cup Qatar 2022. Regarding this second official test, Belmadi confirmed before the team’s trip to Dar es Salaam.” We know very well the Tanzania team that we faced when the Greens were under former coach Gourcuff. The Tanzanian team has made a remarkable improvement, there is no longer a small and another big team in Africa, the match will undoubtedly be difficult, especially since we will play in front of full stadiums, but we will make all our efforts to return with a positive result.” All the national squad will be available against Belmadi in this confrontation, with the exception of the midfielder of the French club Nice, Hicham Boudaoui, whose participation remains uncertain due to the injury from which he has not fully recovered, knowing that the national voter will make some adjustments to the group that played against Uganda. For his part, the Tanzanian team, returning with a draw from Niger (1-1) in the first match, will seek to achieve its first victory in the qualifying campaign, benefiting from the support of its fans and their desire to top the group. In terms of statistics, this will be the ninth match between the two teams, in which the “Greens” achieved four victories against one victory for Tanzania, while the rest of the matches ended in a draw. In the official interviews, the two squads met twice, in which victory was returned to the national team. It is noteworthy that this interview will be moderated by a Sudanese arbitration team led by the main referee Ali Mahmoud Ismail, with the assistance of his compatriots Ahmed Naji Sobhi (first assistant) and Al-Moez Ali Muhammad (second assistant), in addition to the fourth Sudanese referee, the other is Al-Siddiq Muhammad Al-Tarif and the governor of the meeting, Zaid Gamber Dralmini from Eswatini.

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