Tamberi, uploads Golden Gala: "And this time I win it"

Everything is ready in Rome for tomorrow’s meeting at the Olimpico. The top Olympian: “Triumph here and then I’ll take the World Cup too”. Jacobs will be in the stands, many stars on the track such as Olympic medal record holder Allyson Felix and Tokyo silver medalist Fred Kerley

“Tomorrow will be a magical evening”. Gimbo Tamberi is at the Olimpico and his words count down to the Pietro Mennea Golden Gala which will take place tomorrow from 7.30 pm. The high is proposed as the emotional peak of the meeting despite the last-minute forfeit of Mutaz Barshim, gold mate in Olympic Tokyo less than a year ago. “He is sorry and I am sorry too, I hope he will recover soon”. Tamberi, however, already has the goal in his head and legs. “Winning. At the Golden Gala I was second or third, I had good races but never winning, it’s time. In any case, come to the Olimpico, fun is guaranteed”.


He is an all-round Tamberi. He predicts a Golden State Warriors victory for the NBA title. Then he switches to the shoes he keeps around his neck. “They are the ones I will compete with at the Eugene World Championships, they gave them to me a little while ago. Shoes are a world, Tamberi’s world. The Black Power, the important cities of his life, the wedding rings of the upcoming wedding. Finally the slogan: fly or die. As always, the Olympian is a river in flood. “What goals do I have at this point in my career? First of all to win at the Golden Gala … then yes there is one already this year, to conquer the outdoor World Championship, the only international title that I am missing. Finally, to skip 2.40, one measure which I think I can have sooner or later “.


In the Golden Gala Mennea there will be many stars. And if Marcell Jacobs follows the races from the stands, his fiercest opponent in Tokyo, Olympic silver Fred Kerley, will take one of the 100m lanes. But his answers are listless telegrams. “There is no great rivalry between me and Jacobs, however when I go out on the track I always try to beat everyone”. And on the return of the public, a lapidary yet unlikely answer: “I prefer empty stadiums, I feel my coach better”. And a half smile comes. Instead, we fully enjoy that of Allyson Felix, record holder of Olympic medals in athletics who will be awaited by one of his last competitive engagements in Rome because at the end of the season he will say enough: “And it will be really strange to imagine myself without a competition. But now I want to live some nice emotions, enjoy the moment. And then I like Rome and I love spaghetti with cacio e pepe “. Elaine Thompson, double Olympian in Rio and Tokyo, focuses on “pasta and pizza”. Ahting Mu, the golden talent of 800 meters, also smiles big. It is her birthday, happy birthday and a question that puts her in difficulty: what does the name of Jarmila Kratochvilova tell you? The American girl of South Sudanese origins makes a silent scene, she really does not remember that that athlete is the world record holder of her specialty. “I’m young, I’m sorry.” Ok, forgive me.

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