Scudetto final, Milan starts with a bang: 66-62 at Virtus with Shields and Datome super

Olimpia immediately hit the Segafredo Arena: the match was always conducted, with Bologna which in the end also had the chance to equalize with two failed throws from Hackett. Game 2 on Friday always at Juventus

Keeping Virtus at only 62 points is the real news of the evening: Milan was good at doing it, and very good at making the blitz in the final scudetto right away. It ends 62-66, a deserved victory for Olimpia who immediately closed the supplies to the big players, blocked Teodosic and Belinelli, thus removing half the attack from the Bolognese.


At the beginning he is very wrong, even fairly simple shots hit the iron: there are plenty of players on the field, but no one is calm. And so we play to those who make less mistakes: Hines wallows in this and makes 8 right away, while the of him maintain minimal advantages. After almost 2 ‘Teodosic falls badly on a three-pointer, leans on Shields’ foot and touches his ankle. It seems like a serious problem, but fortunately for Virtus it is not, as the Serbian returns for a couple of minutes. Also Shengelia is later forced to go out for a blow to the wrist, but he will return to the court. Milan seems deeper, the void goes to rebound (50-41 at the end, 17 offensives), more than once it manages to find second and third shots despite a tragic evening of three (3/23 total and all three of Datome, even if Bologna is not doing better, it will be 5/22). The first quarter ends 10-13, we go to the long break at 27-28.


The turning point is in the third quarter: Shields plays almost alone and does well, Datome doesn’t miss a beat. The 13-22 of the partial of the third fraction is transformed into a 40-50, with Milan also reaching a +13. In the last 10 ‘after an excellent management by Rodriguez (0/5 from 3 but 7 assists), you feel tired: Segafredo takes advantage of it, finds the -2 with Shengelia, then Hackett (who will also take a technician for a ball slammed on Melli) misses the two free throws in the draw 3 minutes from the siren. Teodosic tries not to give up, but the Ax resists, does not miss the free shots with Bentil (who then comes out with a blow to the ankle), Melli and Hall, and closes without problems. In 48 hours we will take the field for game-2, again in Bologna, with Virtus already forced to win in order not to show up at the Forum below 2-0.

Virtus Bologna: Teodosic 16, Shengelia 11, Sampson 9

Milan: Shields 18, Datome 13, Hines 10

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