Nadal, the terrible images

Just two days after his victory at Roland-Garros, Rafael Nadal underwent radio frequency treatment which should allow him to treat his pain in his left foot. In the meantime, the Mallorcan is on crutches.

A few years ago, we used to see Rafael Nadal on the lawn of Queen’s, the day after his Roland-Garros victory, to begin his preparation for Wimbledon. This time, it was images of the Mallorcan on crutches that arrived from Spain on Tuesday, just two days after the 14th coronation of King Rafa on Parisian soil.

There is something quite terrible, and at the very least unusual, to see the winner of Roland-Garros, whoever he is, in such a physical state just 48 hours after his triumph. But this is the story of this “Decimocuarta” by Nadal, who had to deal with significant pain in her left foot for almost the entire fortnight, that he managed with these famous anesthetic injections which are so much debated.

Thus, if Nadal is on crutches, it is because the Majorcan has undergone pulsed radio frequency treatment which should allow him to no longer have recourse to infiltrations. The idea being to reproduce the effect of the injections by putting to sleep the nerve which conveys so much suffering to him. The treatment was carried out on Tuesday in Barcelona, ​​and “Rafa” quickly took the plane back to his home in Manacor.

Two or three workouts to test yourself

When will we know if the method has borne fruit? According to Francisco Ruig, one of his coaches, Nadal will wait two or three training sessions before taking stock. If all goes well, he will be operational for Wimbledon, and will play two small exhibition matches in order to acclimatize to the English turf.

If that doesn’t work? In this case, Nadal will have two options, as he explained at a press conference after his victory in Paris. Either he will pass on the pool table, to undergo a major surgery which would keep him away from the courts for several months, with no guarantee of regaining his best level thereafter. Either he will have to reconsider the rest of his career, seriously considering retirement. “That’s the million dollar question, said Francisco Roig. I hope it continues for many more seasons, but age is age. »

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