Mirotic and Higgins save Barcelona in the Joventut boiler

Barcelona needed to squeeze all its resources to beat Joventut (77-83) and recover home court factor in a game that he dominated from start to finish and in which he knew how to control the onslaught of a Penya propelled by his public, but with less success and physical than his rival. Those of Jasikevicius will now have two opportunities to seal their pass to the final, where Real Madrid is already waiting. Although surely the black-and-white, very combative, are not going to give anything away.

technical sheet

  • Technical sheet:
  • 77 – Joventut Badalona (14+22+20+21): Happy (2), Ribas (10), Parra (4), Willis (17), Birgander (2) -initial team-, Busquets (-), Ventura ( -), Vives (13), Bassas (8) and Tomic (21).
  • 83 – Bara (23+23+15+22): Calathes (5), Higgins (13), Hayes-Davis (9), Mirotic (18), Davies (9) -initial team-, Sanli (4), Martnez (3), Smits (4), Laprovittola (10), Abrines (-) and Kuric (8).

Mirotic (18+7), Higgins (13), Laprovittola (10) and Davies (9+4+3) and the reborn Kuric (8) were the most prominent among the azulgranas, who tried to drown Tommy (21+7), without succeeding at all. The Croatian and Willis (17+4) led the resistance of the Joventut supported by Vives (13), Ribas (10+4+5) and Bassas (8). But Happy did not exist and in the last quarter the green-blacks rushed and they were unable to complete a comeback (74-77, min 39) what they had achieved with more courage than success.

Cory Higgins throws after getting rid of Pau Ribas' defense.

Cory Higgins throws after getting rid of Pau Ribas’ defense.ACB PHOTO

Bara put all his energy at the start and took the lead from his defense, clouding the attack of the Penyaand percussing in attack with the leading role of Davies, Higgins and Laprovittola (9-19, min 9). Joventut (4/13 field goals) He was unable to glimpse the hoop before the forest of arms and help from the azulgranas, very physical at the back.

Those of Durn saw that either they matched their rival’s energy or they had nothing to do. And they did it in the first five minutes of the second quarter. Ribas and Tomic threw their team on their backswho grew in defense and got into the game with a part of 15-7 (29-30, min 15).

Mirotic and Willis jump for a ball

Mirotic and Willis jump for a ball.ACB PHOTO

The joy did not last long, what took Mirotic, indito until thenin uncovering the jar of its best essences for, seconded by Higginsreturn to command with authority after a partial 7-16 (36-46, min 20). The azulgranas imposed their physique with 19 rebounds (6 offensive) and their success (14/20 t2 and 5/12 t3). And only five losses.

Tomic and Willis make Penya dream

La Penya tried again at the restart. He pressed back, Tomic charged Davies and Sanli with three fouls. and the Croatian and Willis, author of 11 points in this act, made the green-blacks dream (50-54, min 28). The arreones of Laprovittola and Martnez spurred Bara, but Bassas with a last three-pointer restored the emotion (56-61, min 30).

Joel Parra looks for a pass against the Calathes defense.

Joel Parra looks for a pass against the Calathes defense.ACB PHOTO

Joventut loaded the game on Tomic, which caused the fourth of Sanli and Davies, but Bara kept the advantage (60-70, min 34). Vives and Parra gave Penya air (65-70, min 35), who had two attacks to put fear into the body of the azulgranas, but Willis rushed in and Mirotic, with a triple, reigned in chaos to bring his team closer to victory with a triple (65-75, min 37).

The black-and-white didn’t give up, with a triple by Vives and an onslaught by Willis in search of the lead (70-75, min 38). Mirotic lowered the smoke to his rivalbut Feliz, unknown until then, and Tomic fueled the miracle (74-77, min 39), until Calathes, with a triple with 39 seconds left, sealed the win Barcelona (74-80).

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