Mercedes Eqe: first contact with the sedan with 600 km of autonomy

Mercedes Eqe is a proposal for those who travel often and for a long time, especially on the motorway. In the electric world, it belongs to the category of the E-Class, the iconic representative sedan of the German brand. The latest generation battery and an efficient energy management system promise a range of around 600 km. Prices from 93 thousand euros

Tommaso Marcoli

– Milan

Mercedes’ Galaxy EQ identifies the zero-emission range. A product proposal that will inevitably intensify, to the detriment of the current (and more than 100-year-old, for Mercedes) offer of internal combustion engines. Each zero-emission vehicle replicates the corresponding internal combustion version in terms of characteristics, identity and market positioning. The project started with Eqc, developed with Eqa and Eqb, reached new momentum with the Eqs flagship and is now confirmed with the Eqe sedan. Like the E-Class, it represents the representative car, intended for a dynamic public and intensive use. Especially on the motorway. Ambitious in terms and concrete in ways, EQE replicates many of the technologies present on Eqs, making autonomy, technological equipment and on-board comfort characteristics that identify its personality. The price list starts from 93 thousand euros.

Mercedes Eqe: how it is made

The appearance resumes, adapting it to different dimensions, the stylistic course brought to the debut by Eqs. The lines are soft and proportionate, any element that could interfere with the aerodynamic penetration coefficient has been replaced with more functional elements. On the other hand, the search for maximum efficiency on an electric car drives and requires a certain threshold of adaptation for the creativity of the designers. The glance, however, remains pleasant and capable of concealing the proportions, however remarkable: Eqe is over 4.90 meters long and exceeds one meter and ninety in width. The step is considerable: three meters. A characteristic of the electric car is the almost total absence of mechanical components related to propulsion which, on internal combustion cars, make it more difficult to organize the interior space. The battery, the completely flat floor and the small size of the electric motor have made it possible to obtain a roominess of a higher segment. The rear passengers have plenty of legroom and can sit with great freedom of movement, to the benefit of the time spent on board. The internal environment, in fact, is finished with great care: the inserts are all of excellent quality and the armchairs covered with precious materials. The Mercedes style, therefore, has been totally preserved. The technological equipment underlines the belonging to a new generation of cars. The on-board entertainment system is very spectacular both in terms of layout of the dashboard and in terms of contents: the main screen has a very high level of graphic definition and integrates useful applications for electric driving. The navigator, for example, suggests possible stops for recharging along the route depending on the pace and driving style. The instrument panel is also entirely digital, while the augmented reality head-up display is a valid communication tool with the driver. Among the optional equipment, the hyperscreen which completely renews the organization of the dashboard and introduces a concept of immersion that is new to a European manufacturer.

Mercedes Eqe: how are you doing

The range produced is divided into different proposals, for power, performance and autonomy. The 350+ version (of the first contact) is equipped with a single 215 kW (292 Hp) electric motor and 530 Nm of maximum torque. It is powered by a 90 kWh battery that can be recharged both in alternating current (up to a maximum of 22 kW) and in direct current (up to a maximum of 170 kW). The homologated autonomy is over 600 km with a full tank of energy. As anticipated, Eqe is a car designed, developed and referred to a public that uses it at a high intensity. Autonomy, therefore, is a fundamental component of the project. The single electric motor, the high-capacity battery and the efficient energy management have made it possible to obtain very positive distances even on the motorway. During the first contact, over 440 km were traveled, for the most part at 130 km / h, with average consumption recorded between 16 and 17 kWh / 100 km. A very positive result that, although it does not allow you to really travel 600 km, it approaches 500 km of autonomy without stopping. When required, the support of the navigator and the Mercedes Me application (which communicates directly with the charging station) makes it possible to make charging more immediate and simple. As for the driving dynamics, the car proved agile and manageable, also thanks to the presence of the rear steering wheels which greatly reduce the turning radius. The driver assistance systems are all of the latest generation and have been calibrated with greater attention in order to avoid annoying incursions during the driving phases. Very effective are the suspensions that absorb most of the roughness in a natural way.


Like it: excellent autonomy even on the motorway; the steering wheels greatly improve handling; performance is more than adequate for the segment to which it belongs. Do not like: the organization of the passenger compartment is almost completely digital, scenographic but risks leading to distraction for the driver; the buttons for air conditioning control should have remained physical.

Mercedes Eqe 350+: technical sheet

  • Motor: electric synchronous with permanent magnets, power 215 kW (292 Hp), maximum torque 565 Nm.
  • Transmission: rear-wheel drive, single-speed automatic transmission.
  • Battery: capacity 90.56 kWh; charging power AC 22 kW, DC 170 kW.
  • Autonomy: 654 km combined cycle Wltp.
  • Performance: acceleration 0-100 km / h 6.4 s, maximum speed 210 km / h.
  • Consumption: 15.9 kWh / 100 km combined cycle Wltp.
  • Dimensions: length 4.946 mm, width 1.961 mm, height 1.510 mm, pitch 3.120 mm; luggage capacity 430 liters; weight 2.355 kg.
  • Price: starting from 93 thousand euros.

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