Fiorentina-Italian, summit for Europe (and renewal).  From the doorman to Cabral, here's the plan

The technician, close to the renewal, will meet the company to plan the market. The target? Support the squad with valuable alternatives, and insert some owners in key roles

The scheduled, and slightly postponed, summit between the managers and Vincenzo Italiano will officially kick off the new purple season. In fact, between tonight and tomorrow, there should be an important meeting to clarify what kind of Fiorentina will leave the next market and if indeed, as it seems almost certain, the coach will sign the extension and adaptation of the contract which now expires in 2023 (with option in favor of the club for the following year).

the programs

More than numbers and figures, even if from the point of view of the image, further lengthening the contract is a symptom of stability and sharing, we will talk about programs. It is no mystery that the coach is very ambitious and wants a squad capable of being able to compete on all fronts where Fiorentina is involved. The club is also on the launching pad, has taken the right path in terms of results (no one imagined a lightning return to Europe already this season), and intends to build a competitive team.


For this reason, unlike some clouds that have thickened on the purple skies last month, no problems are expected, on the contrary. The renewal is ready and the guarantees should please Italian. The coach would like to shore up last year’s squad with valuable alternatives, and at the same time include some owners in key roles. If the market were to take away other players then quality is needed in the substitution. Italian would also like to enter as much as possible in the decision-making process of choosing new players. The market does the company, as it should be, but the opinion of the technician counts above all for the particular game system that makes the purchases functional of immediate impact. For others, however, much more time is needed, as demonstrated last season.


A goalkeeper is needed among the incoming holders, a right-back if there were no more margins for Odriozola, a high-quality midfield player to replace the injured Castrovilli. In addition to a central midfielder, if the last lunge for Torreira does not go to sign. The eventual departure of Milenkovic would require the arrival of a strong and powerful central defender. Open speech on the attack. Cabral cost 15 million euros, is a purple capital, and the company is betting on the Brazilian for next season. But as a permanent owner? Based on this decision, Fiorentina will buy a center forward capable of playing with him or a spare tip that is the alternative of the former Basel.

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