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Apple has closed the deal for the distribution of an F1 film that sees the 7-time world champion of Mercedes co-producer: it will tell the story of a former driver who becomes the mentor of a young talent

After the enormous success of Drive to Survive, the Netflix series that helped relaunch the image of Formula 1 all over the world, here is the birth of a project with F1 still at the center of the village, and which could have a impact on the coexistence between streaming and theatrical distributors: The Hollywood Reporter website has in fact announced how Apple has concluded an agreement for the acquisition of a film on Formula One, which will be directed by Joseph Kosinski, the director of Top Gun: Maverick, and starring Brad Pitt. The deal brings Kosinski together with many members of his Maverick team (which he hopes to gross over a billion dollars in theaters), including screenwriter Ehren Kruger and producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Chad Oman of Jerry Bruckheimer Films. They all return in the same guise for the racing project and are joined by Lewis Hamilton, who will co-produce along with Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment.

new era

The key to the deal is the theatrical distribution component. Instead of a symbolic release in a limited number of theaters or a “day-and-date” opening, the film will have an exclusive – and global – distribution of at least 30 days (but could reach 60) before moving on to Apple TV + platform. Apple has already released theatrical films, with the animated feature Wolfwalkers and The Tragedy of Macbeth. But they were small productions. Another novelty: the theatrical component would be structured in such a way that Apple and the directors share 50% of the proceeds from the release on the big screen. The one-time deal essentially pays the creative team in three ways: upfront fees, hefty buyout fees, and the backend for theaters. According to sources, Kosinski, who will also be a producer, and Bruckheimer, will receive eight-figure salaries, while Pitt and his company will reach $ 40-50 million. Apple has not made any comments.

new dimension

Part of the bet is Pitt and F1 racing. While not boasting Tom Cruise’s box office records, Pitt is an equally important name on a global scale. And F1 is a growing sport that embodies a certain kind of enviable lifestyle. The other bet is the theatrical experience that will take the audience to a place where many have never been before: inside a racing car. Just as Maverick and Kosinski are gaining accolades for real-world effects that put the public in the cockpit of an F-14, the goal is to put the viewer behind the wheel of a Formula 1.

the meeting with hamilton

The idea for the project was born from Kosinski, good at overcoming the Top Gun stalemate after a wait of years, convincing Cruise to make a sequel. The director had briefly met Hamilton through Cruise during the making of Maverick and so, when he decided to kick off his idea, he set up a meeting with Bruckheimer, Hamilton and his manager, Penni Thow, where things started to take. form. We then proceeded to search for a screenwriter, initially choosing that of Maverick, Kruger, before the fateful meeting between Kosinski and Pitt, which took place shortly before Thanksgiving, in which Kosinski convinced the actor to join the team: the film will tell the story of a former driver who gets back into the game by mentoring a promising rookie. In December, the project was unveiled at Studios and Production Houses with a 30-minute presentation that sparked immediate offers. In the end, the choice fell on Apple, Netflix, Amazon and MGM.

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