12 years imprisonment for members of a national network

The Criminal Chamber of the Guelma Judicial Council issued a decision upholding the appealed ruling issued by the Misdemeanors Court of First Instance, which had convicted the defendants of 12 years in prison, effective against members of a national network consisting of 04 people who trade in drugs across many states of the Republic, after they were directed The misdemeanor of illegal possession, storage, transportation and offering for sale of narcotics according to the acts stipulated and punished by Article 17 of the Law on the Prevention of Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances. Guelma and based on permission to leak and after identifying one of the elements of this network, Hisham, a fake relationship was established with the elements of this network through a leaked agent and after the relationship with him was consolidated on the basis that he was dealing with his counterpart a drug dealer who wanted to buy a quantity of them in order to aUsually promoted in the eastern states, and on 07/30/2021, the city of Guelma was moved, and after the leaked element negotiated with the elements of the network, it was agreed on the place of concluding the deal in the city of Guelma, in order to set up an ambush for the elements of the network, where the arrival of a Dacia Logan vehicle was detected. In them, he opened the trunk of the vehicle, and after the leaked element made sure that the network elements were carrying drugs with them, he gave the agreed signal for the security forces to intervene. “TK” was arrested and a quantity of drugs estimated at 28.8 kg was seized. To stop the rest of the network elements, the arrested person contacted his two partners and informed them that The money for selling drugs is available and he went to meet them in the Karkour neighborhood. As soon as the two suspects came forward to receive the money, they were stopped. It was related to “MH” and “QN”.Upon hearing M.H., he stated that he knew a person from the State of Morocco called Kadero who was making calls with him about drug trafficking, and that the latter gave him the phone number of a person from Algiers called El-Hajj, and told him that the latter possessed a quantity of drugs from a person from the state of Guelma and asked him to He finds a client for her. Before his offer, and on 28/07/2021, he was transferred to the Wilayat of Guelma by land, and under the guidance of the so-called Hajj, he met a person from Guelma called “K” who was on board a Peugeot 308 and was accompanied by another person who hails from the capital, whose identity is not known, and they went to the residence of “K” There, the metropolitan person told them that the pilgrim sets the price of a kilogram of drugs at 65 million centimes, and he guarantees the transportation expenses and fees, and an amount estimated at 30 kilograms was agreed upon. That it be on the same day in the city of Guelma, but the deal did not take place because of the caution that distinguished Karim’s escorts from the capital, and it was agreed that it would take place the next day, and in the afternoon of that day K. asked him to stay at home with the metropolitan person, and Karim went out alone. To meet the customer to show him the drugs and after a while m Time called them to leave, and as soon as he did that, he was stopped, accompanied by the metropolitan person, adding that his role was to link “K” Al-Qalimi and his escort with Hajj Walid to the success of the drug deal in exchange for 20 million centimes as a commission for him, and that he had previously been convicted in a drug case. And upon hearing the name “QN”, he stated that he was arrested on 07/30/2021 at about 3:30 p.m. at the place called Burwaih in the city of Guelma, and that he knew a person named Jamal Iblis from the city of El Harrach, and this was almost two years ago, and he was the one who introduced him to the name “K.T.” And he recently realized that Al-Hajji Iblis is a drug dealer and that this is the third time that he has dealt with him in such matters, adding that on 07/27/2021 Hajj Jamal called him and asked him to go to the city of Guelma to meet the so-called “K” in order to collect a sum of money It is represented in the price of selling a quantity of drugs. Where did he go to Guelma and there he met K.T. On 28/07/2021 another person came from the city of Touggourt and Jamal told him that he was the person who would bring the customers in order to complete the drug sale deal and on 29/07/ 2021 He met the customer who hails from the state of Tebessa, who was brought by the person who hails from the state of Touggourt and at the request of “KT” to go to his shop selling jewelry, but the customer refused what made the deal not take place that day, and upon hearing “KT” he stated that he knows the name Jamal The devil about a year ago, and they had transactions in the field of cars, and the relationship between them was strengthened, as he knew him by another name His “QN” is called “Hamidou”, and on 07/27/2021 Jamal called him and told him that Hamido would come with him to Guelma to spend his needs, and on 07/28/2021 Jamal called Hamido and asked him to go to bring a person who came from the state of Touggourt, so Hamido came out He brought that person to my house to be surprised after that by a drug packet placed on the table in the reception hall. When he inquired about it, Hamido replied that he was going to sell a quantity of drugs to a person from the city of Tebessa. They did not agree on the place of delivery of the goods and received the price, and he then left for a family order and then learned from Hamido that the customers had left, before he called him again and told him that the person who had brought the drugs in front of his door while he was in a Sanpol car and talking about the Chaouia, and when he came back He is for the house. He found Hamido and Al-Taqari in front of his door with a quantity of drugs inside bags, so he put them in the Dacia Logan car, and on 07/30/2021 Hamido asked him to go to the passenger terminal to meet the customer, so he did so and brought the latter in front of the house to see the drugs in a box The car and there was reconciled, by request From the police, he called Hamido and Hisham, and as soon as they got out, they were arrested, and that the drug owner is Jamal Iblis and Hisham was the one who was communicating with the latter about the price, and he promised him 20 million centimes to ensure that Hamidou was delivered with the price of selling drugs to the passenger station. After the representative of the Public Prosecution Office and the defendants’ lawyer, the misdemeanors judge at the Guelma Judicial Council issued a ruling confirming the judgment issued by the Court of First Instance and the judge guilty of the defendants “TK”, “QN”, “EH”, and in absentia against “BJ” for 12 years Imprisonment of a window with a fine of 500,0000.00 DA.

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