University Master, here we are!  Tomorrow the final in Naples with the voices of Pardo and Chiellini - eSports & Gaming

The finalists from all over Italy ready to battle on Fifa. The commentator and the former Juventus defender will comment on the epilogue. Scholarships of € 5,000 are up for grabs, as well as many other special prizes

After a month of fun and emotions, the final act of the University Masterthe Fifa tournament organized by 2Watch and Gazzetta dello Sportsponsored by Eurospin and Lemonsoda Energy Activator. Wednesday 8 June, in the final scheduled live in Naples, 10 young university students will give life to the Tournament of Champions, to decree the absolute winners, those entitled to scholarships of 5 thousand euros and other prizes up for grabs.

The finalists –

The students who snatched the pass for the final and will now compete for the title of champion are, in order of qualification, NelloTaver_7 (Federico II University), looeegee (Parthenope), angelink40 -_- (Frederick II), TehFurios_ (Sannio), Jekka7 (Roma3 university), Atzeis (Turin), Zikjaerm and DonKnown (both from the University of Salerno), Im_Adam00 (Parthenope university, finished second in the University Master 2021) e ManfryElDios (University of Palermo). The game mode of the final is that of the “Winner and Loser Bracket” (double elimination system).

The grand final –

The Tournament of Champions will take place in Naples, in the iconic Villa Doria D’Angri, from 15 to 20.30. And it will be live streamed on the 2WATCHtv official channel and on the website. The commentary is entrusted to the sports journalist, as well as the Italian voice of the FIFA 22 game, Pierluigi Pardo. And to the Fifa expert Tommaso Bonini (aka DonOppini). The technical comment is by Lorenzo Giannotta (aka NoWeakFut), Fifa expert, and pro player Danilo Pinto (aka Danipitbull). The event will see the extraordinary participation of Giorgio Chiellini: the defender will log in at 7pm, comment on the final match and congratulate the winner. Event host Bryan Ronzaniaka Bryanbox, speaker of radio 105 who will manage an interview corner during the live show.

The prices –

Awaiting the top three are 5 thousand euro scholarships. But the magic of the Tournament of Champions doesn’t stop there, as three more branded prizes will be awarded. That to criticismsponsored by Inter-eSport will go to the player who has created the most spectacular game, while that to the most skilled student (powered Lemonsoda Energy Activator) is dedicated to the user with the best academic average and that of best scorer (the sponsor here is Eurospin) to the user with the most goals during the Tournament of Champions.

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