Ultimatum Juve to Di Maria: the answer by tomorrow.  Otherwise, change your goal

The club had raised the economic offer by meeting the request for an annual contract for the Argentine, on which the voice of Barcelona emerged. The bianconeri are no longer waiting

Time almost up. Juve is not willing to wait much longer for a response from Angel Di Maria’s entourage, after having made the last raise while remaining inside the stakes set by the player. The bianconeri believe they have done everything possible, recalibrating the offer on a single year and bringing the request for engagement as close as possible. Madama went up to 5 and a half million in fixed part, plus bonuses linked above all to attendance: a total of 7 million net conditioned by the guarantee of a concrete contribution – on the field – by the Argentine, who has earned at PSG so far slightly more (7.5). Final answer within the next few hours: so far silence and increasingly negative feelings, in the wake of the last meeting held in London last week.


Juve tried to push towards a two-year agreement, a solution that would allow access to tax benefits and, therefore, to increase the offer (to 7 and a half) without any conditions; on the other hand, the footballer has never shown the slightest opening on a multi-year commitment, wanting to return to Argentina after the year of the World Cup, to end his career at home: in Rosario Central. Completing the operation with or without the benefits of the Growth Decree makes all the difference of the case, to Juve: which would spend just over twenty million gross for two years and certainly more than fifteen for one, remaining faithful to the requests. In short, the reduction was necessary to bring the figure into line with how much the club would spend in the first year of the two-year solution.


Benfica has also been following the footballer’s footsteps for a few weeks, in recent days Barcelona have also come forward: and if the first destination appears less attractive than the Juventus Turin, the second can actually represent a concrete alternative. Net of possible competition, however, Juve is not willing to make other relaunches or participate in auctions: the offer presented by Cherubini on the sidelines of the match between Italy and Argentina at Wembley, in short, is the last possible. The parties had left with little confidence on the success of the negotiation, but they had still given themselves time to reflect: one week, it was last Wednesday. In the meantime, and with less confidence on the Di Maria front, we are working on alternatives.

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