Red Bull dismantles the Aston Martin case.  Marko: "They are not our direct rivals"

After the accusations against Aston Martin of having created a “green Red Bull”, Marko closes the affair by admitting that he has no concrete evidence.

In Formula 1, you know, controversies can explode and then deflate almost as quickly as the mechanics make a pit stop. On the weekend in Barcelona, ​​for example, the quarrels between Red Bull and Aston Martin, linked to the new shape of the side bellies of the AMR22 of Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll, suspiciously similar to those of the RB18 of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. A story that touched the contours of a new “spy story”, inflamed above all by the manager of the Milton Keynes team, Helmut Marko, who had pointed the finger at the British team claiming to have evidence that someone had downloaded the confidential data of the Red Bull technical projects. After two races, however, the matter seems to have already been closed …


The reason is quickly explained: despite the evident similarity, the performance of the new version of the Aston Martin does not seem so dissimilar to those, very disappointing, shown at the beginning of the season by the previous model: Vettel and Stroll continue to struggle with difficulty for the access in the points area and the results therefore do not worry the Anglo-Austrians. “The truth is that we are not able – explained Marko to his colleagues in this regard Motorsport-Total – to prove the case in practice. We are not moving forward because we do not see Aston Martin as our direct rival and, as we have no evidence to put pen to paper, we have decided to let it go. I said there was evidence that our data was downloaded, but we don’t know from whom. In any case, it is good that there is a clarification from the FIA ​​because we have a sister team, the AlphaTauri, and if certain practices were allowed, then their car could be very similar to Red Bull ”.


Officially, the affair didn’t even last 24 hours. On Thursday in Barcelona the chorus of Red Bull protests against Aston Martin had risen, on the track with shapes all too similar to those of the RB18 fighting for the World title with Ferrari. And Helmut Marko, speaking of data downloads, had indirectly hinted that a possible person responsible for the hypothetical theft of intellectual property was to be found in the group of engineers who, led by the new aerodynamic leader Dan Fallows, had left Milton Keynes in recent months. towards Silverstone, where the Aston Martin F1 team factory is located. In reality, already on the Friday of free practice for the Spanish GP, the FIA ​​had closed the matter by communicating that it had checked the AMR22 projects without detecting any illegal passage of data or an illegal use of the practice of “reverse engineering”, that is the process digital conversion of photos into CAD models.

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