Raw fish and meat, possible risks but also unexpected benefits

If raw fish and meat should certainly be consumed only if you are sure of how they have been preserved, it is also good to remember some of their useful properties. We talk about it with the nutritionist Sacha Sorrentino

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A fish sashimi or a meat tartare in the summer can fix a meal without having to cook or eat something hot. The nutritional benefits are many, but there is also some risk … “Raw fish and meat they can contain various parasites that are dangerous for our health. Among these, theEscherichia coli, naturally present in various environments including the stomach of cattle, is a potentially fatal pathogenic bacterium – warns Dr. Sacha Sorrentino, nutritionist biologist -. The most common type of parasitosis among those due to the consumption of raw fish is the intestinal parasitosis from Anisakis. To prevent the onset of this and other types of parasitosis it is necessaryculling of fish that you want to eat raw for a minimum of twenty-four hours at a temperature of at least 20 ° C below zero. This process is, in fact, capable of killing the larvae and making the food safe “. How can you understand, then, raw fish and meat they carry with them more risks than cooked meat and fish, “so much so that they are strictly discouraged pregnant women and to those who have a weak immune system”, Emphasizes the nutritionist. But there are also positives …

Raw meat, raw fish: not just risks

If it is true that i risks resulting from the consumption of raw meat and fish they are higher than those obtained by eating cooked meat and fish, it is true that if we are sure of the origin and correct conservation of the food, the benefits can be as many. “Among the benefits of consuming raw meat we undoubtedly find the assimilation of a greater quantity of iron, especially if del lemon juice, that with ascorbic acid or vitamin C favors its absorption. Furthermore, the absence of cooking improves the conservation of electrolytes and the nutritional properties of the food. Among them, the integrity of the B vitaminsincluding B1, B2 and B5 which can be completely absorbed by our body ”, emphasizes the nutritionist.

The nutritional benefits of raw fish

In particular with regard to the fish the absence of cooking, emphasizes Dr. Sorrentino, favors the absorption not only of the B vitamins, but also of the omega 3 fatty acids, with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. “Essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 have numerous beneficial properties: they are able to act positively on mood counteracting depression, acting against the degeneration of the nervous system. They also have the task of balancing the blood pressure, cholesterol el‘hyperglycemia, they are involved in the formation process of cell membranes and manage the phenomenon of cellular inflammation “.

Raw meat, which one to choose

Some distinctions must be made regarding the raw meat: “Not all types of meat can be eaten raw – underlines the nutritionist -. Pork and chicken, for example, they can only be eaten after being thoroughly cooked. This is because they are meat from animals characterized by the presence of different categories of microorganisms that could cause food infections if not properly cooked “. The same is not true for the fish: “There are no fish that cannot be eaten raw. In general, however, be careful not to overdo it with large fish, since they can contain heavy metals: tuna, swordfish and salmon are certainly to be consumed in moderation “.

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