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    Adrien Rabiot

    The former Parisian has trouble with the media.

  • 2/13

    William Saliba (4/10)

    After his good season at OM, the defender did not earn any points during his tenure in Croatia. Asked to enter, both in the duels and in the game, he missed a few times, made several good returns, but again sank on the action of the Croatian goal (83rd). Mistakes that will cost him dearly in this highly competitive gaming sector.

  • 3/13

    Christopher Nkunku (6.5)

    A real alternative to Griezmann. In 10 in the offensive phase, it was he who brought the danger by accelerating the ball at the foot. He scored a goal disallowed for offside (31st), launches Diaby on goal (39th), is behind Rabiot’s goal with an aerial deflection (52nd) and also launches Griezmann on goal (76th). A full game.

  • 4/13

    Mike Maignan (6.5)

    Established in goal, the best goalkeeper in Serie A clearly responded with several parades and in particular two face-to-face. First in front of Budimir (18th), then Susic on the penalty caused by Clauss (80th). In vain.

  • 5/13

    Adrian Rabiot (6)

    A contrasting performance, because his first period was not good. Left midfielder in the defensive phase, he played inside in the offensive phase and had no influence. When he returned from the locker room, he sped off to score the first goal of the game (52′) and, in confidence, put in a lot of effort until the end.

  • 6/13

    Moussa Diaby (5.5)

    A lot of desire on the right wing, with ball percussion at the foot which he did not however conclude. He launched Nkunku a bit too late on the disallowed goal (31st), ending with no key pass to his credit. Launched in depth, he also stumbles on the opposing goalkeeper (39th). Could be a good understudy for Coman.

  • 7/13

    Aurelien Tchouameni (5.5)

    He started badly with 3 ball losses (without consequence) at the start of the match and also lost one after returning from the locker room, which is a lot. However, he was the boss of the environment, with a real impact on recovery.

  • 8/13

    Presnel Kimpembe (5.5)

    Long little worried, the evening captain was calm on the ground duels he had to play. Faced with Croatian pressure, in the second half, he cleared the danger as best he could.

  • 9/13

    Wissam Ben Yedder (5)

    He saves his match with a superb opening for Rabiot on the 1-0 (52nd). Posted at the forefront, he weighed very little, in the game as in the pressing, before Rabiot superbly. His teammates didn’t put him in a position to score.

  • 10/13

    Lucas Digne (4.5)

    Adrien Rabiot left him the whole left lane, but the Everton side struggled to adjust his crosses (3 in the first period and that’s it). He too is perhaps a little at fault on the Croatian goal.

  • 11/13

    Benjamin Pavard (4)

    He didn’t really shine in this match, with in particular a slump in the middle of the first period and a bad reading of the game on the Croatian equalizer. Right side, he went too far to really be threatening offensively. His only cross was blocked.

  • 12/13

    Matteo Guendouzi (4)

    He tried to set the pace and was behind the two dangerous plays in the first period (31st, 39th), but overall he had less influence than in the jersey of OM. His teammates did not always go through him and he did not go to the dry cleaners.

  • 13/13

    Antoine Griezmann (not rated)

    Launched in the 62nd minute in the axis, he played with great enthusiasm, but did not manage to score his 2nd goal of the year 2022. He missed a chance from the right (76th) and did not conclude after having countered the Croatian goalkeeper (88th).

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