Pirlo enters the metaverse with Jorit's mural in New York

Andrea Pirlo collaborates with Iconia and The Sandbox to set foot in a unique way in the metaverse, and offer special rewards to his fans.

Andrea Pirlo has collaborated with the NFT incubator of Kiev Iconia to bring the mural dedicated to him and located at 188 Lafayette Street in New York to the metaverse of The Sandbox. The 15 × 6 meter mural, painted by the Italian street artist Jorit, is sold as a single edition NFT: the piece will be unique and exclusive for the owner. Entitled The Hero NFT, it allows the buyer to own the real mural for one year, as well as perpetual digital rights to the street art work.

The initiative –

Ikonia together with MetaLabs recreated a section of Lafayette Street, including the mural by Pirlo of Jorit, in The Sandbox, allowing enthusiasts and fans of the world champion to walk along the digital road and admire the mural. Pushing the boundaries of the digital art space, this collaboration offers a unique opportunity for dual ownership in both the physical world and the metaverse. Andrea Pirlo certainly needs no introduction: he played 116 matches with Italy and led the Italian national team to the bronze medal at the 2004 Olympics and the 2012 European Championship final. of Italy at the 2006 World Cup, when he was also selected among the best players of the tournament after winning the title of man of the match three times. Pirlo – who follows Valentino Rossi in the ascent of sportsmen to the metaverse – has also won two Champions League and 7 league titles in Italy, and ended his career playing for New York City FC.

A dinner with Pirlo –

In addition to The Hero NFT, many other collectibles will also be available, including examples of animated art, videos and sculptures that will allow Pirlo fans to relive the emotions of his extraordinary career and relive his greatest achievements. To have the opportunity to purchase one of the collectibles, potential buyers can register in the shortlist located on the official website and will be awarded points for each person invited to the shortlist and for having performed certain tasks; this will increase the chances of obtaining rare collectibles and winning special prizes. These exclusive NFTs will give shoppers entry to a bonus lottery, with a chance to win among other things 1 15-minute Zoom call with Pirlo and four guests, 8 personalized video messages from Pirlo, 16 autographed Pirlo shirts and 32 autographs from the player. The buyer of the mural at The Hero NFT auction will instead have the privilege of winning a dinner with Andrea Pirlo. “The involvement in this project has been incredibly captivating”, Pirlo commented. “The mural itself is an extraordinary feat and a fantastic work of art. Seeing him then immortalized in the metaverse leaves you speechless. Giving the buyer the opportunity to own a work of art in reality and in the metaverse represents a rare opportunity and is something I have not seen in other similar projects ”.

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