Marko does not see Gasly move

As the two-year contract extension granted to Sergio Pérez closes the doors of the Red Bull Racing team to Pierre Gasly, Helmut Marko has assured that the Frenchman has no better option in F1 than to stay with the team. AlphaTauri stable.

The future of Pierre Gasly has darkened a bit. While he has never hidden his ambition to have a second chance with the Red Bull Racing team by the end of his contract with the Austrian group at the end of 2023, the Frenchman has seen Sergio Pérez retain confidence by Christian Horner and Helmut Marko to accompany Max Verstappen for the next two seasons. “Today, I don’t know what they intend to do with me, confided the Normand last March. Next year is our last year together, potentially going to Red Bull Racing, but those are things that are under discussion. However, with the contract extension of the Mexican, winner of the recent Monaco Grand Prix, and the long-term contract of Max Verstappen, it is now certain that Pierre Gasly will not return to Milton Keynes and this revives the rumors of a potential departure of the Frenchman. “The objective is to stay in F1 for at least the next ten years and in a car that allows me to fight for world championship titles,” he added.

Marko assures there is no better alternative for Gasly

Assuring that he exchanged with Pierre Gasly before the formalization of Sergio Pérez’s contract extension and having “explained the situation to him”, Helmut Marko returned to the case of the Frenchman in an interview with the German-speaking specialized site ” We just have to wait and see what happens with Gasly after 2023, admitted the special adviser to the Red Bull group for matters relating to motorsport. What would be the alternative in the event of early departure? I don’t think there is currently an alternative for him that would be significantly better than AlphaTauri. A seventh season with the Faenza-based team therefore seems to be the short-term solution for the Rouennais with Yuki Tsunoda as a teammate, and not one of the young shoots hatched by the Austrian brand. ” It can be assumed that the current pilots are determined, said Helmut Marko. But there is always the story of the coronavirus, so that means that replacement drivers can come but I don’t hope anyone is affected. They will all have to wait another year. » Pierre Gasly, meanwhile, could lose patience and step out of the Red Bull fold after 2023.

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