Klay not shooting well?  The solution is on YouTube.  "I'm looking for my highlights and ..."

Thompson shot 10/33 in the first two games of the Finals. In the press conference before Game 3 he reveals how he plans to get out

Klay Thompson is, strangely, one of the things that’s not working out for the Warriors so far. After the first two games of the Finals he averages 13 points, with an overall 10/33 from the field. “Thanks for reminding me of my wonderful shooting percentage,” he says with a smile on the eve of Game-3. He smiles, Klay, also because he already has the solution to his problems: YouTube.

the secret

“The great thing about playing NBA today is that you can always go to YouTube and look for videos of your best moments – he says -. I shot badly at the beginning of the series against Denver and Dallas, but in the end I played very good games. I have to keep the same mentality: remember that I am a shooter and therefore I have to keep shooting ”. Klay, with his usual way of answering questions apparently without emotion, also reveals what he looks for on YouTube: “Game 6 Klay” he says referring to his tradition of playing well in the 6-game series. “These are high pressure situations where I played great, even mentally,” he says after revealing that watching his highlights on YouTube is the cure he has used for shooting problems since he was in college. “Did he really say that? -he asks immediately after Steph Curry-. In fact, all the greats do it, not just him. I watch Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, my brother Seth, sometimes even my father. These are the main ones, then as an NBA fan I watch games to get inspired ”.


Meanwhile, Thompson is already preparing his ransom. “It matters how you respond to difficult moments – he says -. In race 3 I will play with more rhythm and I want to take good shots. Among other things, I prefer to shoot 4/19 and win by 20 like in game-2 than to lose by shooting 10/13 “. Klay has another motivation not to let himself down: the memory of what he spent, of two and a half years fighting with continuous injuries (the injury to the cruciate of the left knee first, the one to the right Achilles tendon then) that the ‘they kept away from the parquet for nearly 1000 days. “I much prefer to be here, wondering why I am shooting badly, than to be where I was a year ago – says Klay -. It was just me and the trainer, in an empty arena, working without knowing when I would be back. Rethinking those moments reminds me that it is a blessing to be here, that I have to keep working because it is not obvious to play at this level ”.


Nobody in the Warriors is worried about how Klay is pulling. “I think he wants so much to do well, that he’s put so much pressure on him, that he’s taking bad shots. But he knows how to respond to bad moments, ”says Coach Kerr. “The best thing you can tell him right now is to keep shooting,” Curry says. You don’t really need to tell him anything, because you don’t get to the level Klay has reached if your confidence is shaken by a couple of bad games. Then you never understand how he really is, because he is always very confident. Looking at him now I would say that he is traveling at 50 points on average. It is his trust that makes him special ”. It is on that confidence that Klay prepares the relaunch of him. Watching highlights of him on YouTube.

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