Juve-Atletico, Morata for Kean it can be done.  And De Paul appears

Alvaro would gladly stay in Turin, the blue would like more space. But the exchange cannot be done at par. So here comes Rodrigo …

Cherubini on a mission to Madrid, open dialogue with Atletico to find a compromise on Morata’s position. The attacker wants to stay at Juve, but the club cannot redeem him under the conditions set in summer 2020. After two loans of 10 million each, the bianconeri should pay another 35 to keep him permanently: too many, for a player who at the end of the next season will expire and in a few months (from January) could promise to be free. But the discussion could become wider and more interesting for the dynamics of the market, not a little heating up the axis with Turin-Madrid.


The bianconeri must resolve the Morata issue as much as that of Kean, who would like to leave Turin despite being tied up by a two-year loan until June next year. The 2000 striker, who grew up in the Juventus nursery, struggles to find space from the front line with Allegri: in case of permanence, he would still be deputy Vlahovic and maybe some remnants of the game from second striker or left winger. To sell him, Juve would have to redeem him immediately: saving 4 million for the second year loan but having to invest 28 immediately, after the 3 spent for the past season. Feasible, yes, but only when there is a real market opportunity that is interesting for everyone. One track, linked to Leonardo, led straight to PSG up to a few weeks: a cold track after the manager left the scene; a new one, on the other hand, brazenly pushes towards Madrid, the Atletico side. And the first rumors could also hide a much broader scenario.


The exchange between Morata and Kean is a valid track, to be strongly taken into consideration. But if the evaluation of the two cards can be similar on the economic value, the same obviously cannot be said on the outlook. The game could therefore be played on the third pawn to be moved to balance the operation: and here the game could really become engaging. Because the Juventus radars have never stopped in the footsteps of De Paul, a former Udinese that Cherubini really likes and did not thrill (at least in the first part of the season) with the Colchoneros jersey. Last summer, his arrival in Turin seemed very close at a certain point, then the Bianconeri concentrated all their forces on Locatelli. A year later, the name could become topical again: on the basis of a loan, the Argentine would be the second midfielder (after Pogba) for Allegri, in order to totally change the face of the midfield and greet Rabiot more lightly. Arthur and probably McKennie too.


De Paul is certainly the most coveted name of the Juventus managers in the Atletico Madrid squad. Not the only one, though. In the event of Alex Sandro’s departure (difficult, not impossible for now), Lodi is very much like, already heir to the Brazilian in the green-gold national team and almost ten years younger: valuation of about 30 million, a rather accessible figure but the economic question is currently overcome by the impossibility of creating a place for him in Turin. Atletico Madrid is also keeping an eye on the Dybala situation, over which Juve no longer has any decision-making power. The Argentine seems ever closer to Inter, but Simeone has always esteemed him (so much so that he reported him to Catania even before he arrived in Palermo ten years ago) and – there was still a window to make him change his mind – he could leverage on the weak that the player has always cradled, without hiding it, towards Spanish football. The Colchoneros are also strong on the Molina side, in this case as Juve challengers for the Udinese winger.

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