In the shoes of champions

One in six people throughout their lives will develop some form of skin cancer. That’s why, Magdalena de Troya, director of the Dermatology area of ​​the Costa del Sol Hospital, and Carmen Vaz, who has coordinated the study that has been carried out at the Andalusian Center for Sports Medicine on the incidence of the sun in athleteswill sit at a round table with three champions in the world of canoeing, triathlon and surfing under the continuous exposure of the sun: Salt Craviotto, susana rodrguez Y Luca Martio will reveal, under the moderation of Almudena Riverathe photoprotection measures used so that ultraviolet rays do not cause irreparable harm.

The most successful Spanish athlete in the Olympic Games (with the permission of a David Cal who also won five medals but has one less gold) He has spent a lifetime fighting with the effects of the sun at the same time that he hung his two gold medals (K2 500 in Beijing 2008 and K2 200 in London 2012), two silver (K1 200 at London 2012 and K4 500 at Tokyo 2020) and one bronze (K1 200 in Ro 2016).

Baptized by his fellow feat Marcus Cooper as “the God of sport”, Sal Craviotto will once again be, without a doubt, one of the greatest Spanish assets in Paris 2024as he has just endorsed with a new gold at the World Cup held in the Czech Republic.

a unique case

If there is an example of overcoming sports and a paradigm of special care when facing the sun, that is Susana Rodríguez.. The ass-cutaneous albinism with which she was born limits her vision to less than 5% in one eye and 7% in the other, but even that has not prevented her from becoming the Midas Queen of the paralympic triathlon. In the last nine months, the gold has been hung in the JJ. P.P. of Tokyo, the victory in the World Cup, in the first round of the World Series (Yokohama) and in the European held in Poland.

Always with her guide Sara Loehr and with the holter under her skin because of the heart disease she suffers fromSusana Rodríguez is also a voice authorized by the condition of a doctor that she put at the service of society during the pandemic.

Luca Martio, after 17 years among the waves since she got on a board at 11 in her native Gijn, is also a source of experiences practicing her sport under exposure to solar radiation. After proclaiming herself champion of Spain Junior, she twice absolute and being part of the top 50 of the QS of the World Surf League, the surfer has come to subject her skin to extreme conditions, such as in the Alaa Bay pool, in the middle of the Alps, with the water at two degrees and an ambient temperature of minus five degrees. Sports and life lessons under the framework of La Roche Posay in its quest to lead skin care.

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