Florence, the details of the restyling of the Franchi.  Mayor Nardella: "Target 40 thousand seats"

This morning joint commission at Palazzo Vecchio: the new plant by 2026, the words of the mayor, the dg of the Municipality of Florence and the chief designer

By 2026 Florence and Fiorentina will have a new, renovated Artemio Franchi. In the Tuscan capital it was the day of the joint commission at Palazzo Vecchio, in which the deadline for the works was in fact set in four years: “By 2026 the construction of a stadium, tram system and car parks is expected – explained the general manager del Comune Giacomo Parenti -. Then our idea is to create the green area of ​​Campo di Marte by 2026 “.


“The impact of the stadium construction site on the city of Florence will be limited – underlined the chief executive – and there will be contemporaneity among the construction sites”. The redevelopment project is in the hands of the Arup studio which won the competition: “The stadium will have 7,000 square meters of new commercial spaces such as lounges, merchandising, restaurants”. The chief designer, David Hirsch explained directly: “There will then be two new hubs for culture and for events and shows: a 1,600 square meter auditorium, with 1,000 seats, and 1,700 square meters of exhibition space serving the city. The car park will be 15,000 square meters large with 500 parking spaces “.

The first citizen

Around lunchtime, the mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, spoke: “The technical table with Fiorentina has already started and we will provide the company with the planning step by step, in order to have a constant channel of dialogue and comparison”. A close synergy with the club, therefore: “All the superfetations created for Italy ’90 will be demolished. The Franchi stadium will be experienced every day: it will be a pole of cultural attraction, thanks to the spaces that we will obtain behind the old curves, with a congress hall and a room for a modern art gallery, the Fiorentina Museum and the National Museum “. Then, of course, there was no lack of reference to capacity: “The goal is to keep at least 40,000 seats with great attention to the disabled (over 200 places for handicaps)”. Maximum attention to timing, often a fundamental variable when it comes to works of this type: “If the deadline of December 31, 2023 is confirmed, by then we will have contracted out the works. If the deadline is earlier, we could have contracted the works in July. Yes confirms that the Special Superintendency of Rome will assess the architectural constraints of the plant and we want to have completed all the works by the end of 2026. The increase in the cost of raw materials? The dl 50 will allow us to cover all costs, then along the way we will evaluate what to do. We have a plan to present the project to the city for the second half of June and the new tramway has already been financed on the external infrastructures “.

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