Electric scooters: rules and regulations 2022

The rules to be respected for those who ride an electric scooter, the rules of conduct, the vehicle devices, the driver’s equipment. The Decalogue drawn up by the experts

Umberto Schiavella


Symbol of the style of sustainable, economic and connected mobility in large cities and urban areas, the electric scooter is successful among young people and not only. Comfortable and (rather) silent, it can be very useful in small daily commutes, but, at the same time, it can reserve some “unpleasant” surprises. Circulation on a scooter (whose maximum power allowed by current regulations is 500 watts) is not without risks and dangers, especially if the “basic” rules of the Highway Code, common sense and civil coexistence are not respected. To try to clarify the correct behavior on the road that every electric scooter driver must keep, the indications of the experts in the insurance sector are very useful, also specialized in policies designed specifically for those who prefer the use of this vehicle able to cover the theft of the vehicle. electric scooter, with the addition of the accident guarantee. Here’s what the legal team of the insurtech 24hassistance online company explained, a sort of handbook summarized in questions and answers.

Electric scooters, what kind of vehicles are they for the Italian law?

The rules on electric scooters, as introduced in article 75 of law n.160 / 2019 and then modified by the Milleproroghe 2020 decree, had set the characteristics of the vehicle, making it fall into the category of cycles. To put it more simply, this vehicle was more similar to a bicycle than a moped. However, this directive entailed a number of problems relating to circulation, as electric scooters were not subject to homologation, approvals, registration, registration and insurance coverage. In recent years, the Mobility Bonus has encouraged the purchase of electric scooters thanks to a tax credit of up to 750 euros for “green” means of transport, including the scooter. This has greatly increased its diffusion, resulting in the need for ad hoc legislation capable of regulating the flow of electric scooters that involves many national and international cities.

What are the rules for being able to travel with scooters?

To answer this question we must take into account the regulatory changes of 2021. A first step towards a more precise regulation on electric scooters was introduced with the infrastructure decree DL 121/2021, converted into Law no. 1256 of 9 November 2021, which does not resolve all open questions, but brings some news, in particular: reduction of the maximum speed limit, from 25 km / h to 20 km / h on the road, while the limit of 6 km / h in pedestrian areas remains confirmed, prohibition of stop on the sidewalks; the violation of this rule provides for a pecuniary sanction from a minimum of 42 euros to a maximum of 168 euros, according to article 158 of the Highway Code; obligation of arrows and stops for new scooters starting from 1 July 2022, those already in circulation must be adjusted by 1 January 2024. Furthermore, according to the new legislation on electric scooters, the confiscation of the vehicle will be applied in the following cases : lack of lights, arrows and / or stops, “rigged” scooter, ie in the event that the engine is altered to increase its speed, scooter modified in structure, as in positioning for a seat.

What are the safety features that people who like to ride a scooter should adopt out of common sense?

The equipment that should always be used by those who ride an electric scooter are the protective helmet, knee pads and elbow pads in consideration of the exposure that the driver has towards other circulating vehicles and for any autonomous falls due to road instability.

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